Ways to relieve stress with its prime causes

Ways to relieve stress

Stress is the non-specific response of the body that requires a physical, mental or emotional adjustment or response of the body to any demand upon it. It is a state produced by a change in the environment that is perceived as challenging, threatening, and damaging to the person’s dynamic balance. Here we listed Ways to relieve stress, if you find this content helpful then feel free to comment on us.

Every person experiences stress throughout their life which can provide a stimulus for change or growth. Some stress is positive and even necessary for our healthy lifestyle. A little bit of stress can be helpful, in motivating people to achieve things or to complete tasks. However, too much stress in life can result in poor adjustment and a serious effect on physical and mental health as well as the inability to cope with the situation. There is a relationship between stressful life events and a huge variety of physical and psychiatric disorders. In my view stress affects all aspects of a person’s life such as physical, mental, social, physiological, and emotional, so stress is the reaction of humans to events in our environment. Before discussing ways to relieve stress first we need to find the cause of it.

Causes of stress

1.Financial problems

This the first source of stress nowadays wanting a better modern lifestyle may lead to such condition. The financial problem tops the list of stressors. A person or their family is not able to do what a person wants due to a lack of money.

2.Workplace stress

It is another main cause of stress e.g .worried about promotion, negative oppress behavior of boss, loss of a job, organizational changes, etc.

3.Personal Relationship

 This is also one of the causes of stress such as arguments with partners or children, attitudes of relatives, studies of children, illness of family members, etc. can causes stress.


 Due to different health problems causes stress in people Like hypertension, heart disease, eye problem, diabetes mellitus affects many people’s health and becoming a major cause of stress.


 This has also become the main cause of stress such as the balance of work and family life, problems in the community to workplace, workload, not enough sleep, no time to relax, etc. are the main cause of life stress.

Sign and symptoms of stress

When our body is unable to cope with stress, the body releases a large number of hormones (adrenalin) and blood sugar in the blood for preparing the body. This increases the heart rate, blood pressure, respiration rate, and the blood is directed away from the skin to our vital organs. If the conditions producing stress go away, our body adjusts and restores itself to the normal state. But if the stressful situation lasts for a long time, it gets harmful for the physical and psychological well-being of any individual. Some of the sign and symptoms of stress are mentioned below:

1.Physical symptoms

  • Headache, dizziness, neck and back pain
  • Increased, blood pressure, chest pain, and palpitation.
  •  Fatigue, constant tiredness, and sweating.
  • Frequency of stomach pain, heartburn, and increase frequency urination

2.Psychological effects

  •  Nervousness, anxiety, insomnia
  •  Difficulty in concentration and difficulty in decision making
  •   The feeling of loneliness, irritability, and anger

3.Behavioral signs

  • Social withdrawal and isolation
  • Increase in alcohol consumption, smoking, or taking drugs
  • Excessive activities like exercise, loss of interest in work, not motivated to do anything
  • Not sharing thoughts with others and decrease in social interaction

Some methods/ ways to relieve stress

Stress is not an illness itself, but it can cause serious illness if it is not addressed timely.

Several health promotional activities are helpful to reduce stress in our daily life. Here we listed the top 10 ways to relieve stress, read out this, and remove your stress.


It promotes both physical and emotional health, physiological benefits are weight control, improved muscle tone, increased cardiopulmonary function, etc. All these help to relieve tension, brings the feeling of well-being, relaxation, and also helps to cope with stress effectively.


Nutrition is essential for our good health by increasing the body’s resistance to stress to minimize the effects of stress. People need to avoid excess intake of vitamins including a healthy balanced diet.

3.Rest and sleep

Rest and sleep restore the body’s energy levels and are essential aspects of stress management. To ensure adequate rest and sleep, the client needs to attain comfort and helps to learn techniques to promote a peaceful mind and relaxation.

4.Time management

People who manage their time properly usually experience less stress because they feel more control over their situation. Time management should be according to the importance of the task.

5. communication

Communicating with close friends, relatives, family members helps to lower the stress level, it supports sharing the problematic issues, anxieties, tiredness, etc throughout the conversations.

6.Relaxations and Refreshment

Another important technique to relieve your stress in taking refreshments and relaxations, if you are tired and feel about stress the go to the party and take the long drives to your favorites person whole you share everything, enjoy your time and free from stress.

7. Read Good Books

Reading a good book also helps you to relieve your stress, if you feel stress in any sceneries take a good book and study it helps you to different thing one it build your memory power and another it relieves your stress and makes you happy with stress-free.

8. Making your Morning Routines Best

Another most important task to relieve your stress is to make your morning schedules best if you make your morning best than all the problems you tackle easily. So always keep in mind that if you make your morning best it shows on in your work and make you happy and all-day fresh.

9. Deep sleep

Another important task that you do to relieve your stress is your sleep habits if your sleeping habits are not good and you didn’t take proper rest then you feel lazy and your whole day is like a burden for you. Take 6-8 hours of proper rest every day, if you take 6-8 hours of proper rest that helps your brain fresh and your day will be productive.

10. Turn off electronics before sleep (30 min ago)

For deep sleep you will free from everything, your mind becomes relaxed. Creates a good environment while going to bed take some better work like writing some notes. And do other things so that you take the best sleep. While going beds you shut down your electronics devices so that you think about your whole day activities, if you check the mail or other thing while going beds it may break your deep sleep, and your losses your good deep sleep.

These are some point that relieves stress. While you feel stress, you may apply these points to relieves stress. Stress is one of the major problems that make you and you’re family unhappy. It makes your life hell, so it is better to relieve stress as soon as possible. And make yourself and your family happy. Life is that what we make, so make your life as happy and wonderful in each and every moment of life. Relieves stress in each step of life and make your life gorgeous.

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