Unhealthy Food Effects

There is a lot of food found in our surroundings. Some are good for health and some show the side effect while consuming it. Unhealthy food is also considered junk food. Thus the unhealthy food effects have many problems in health such as its effect on growing, underweight and many more. Food is highly important for the overall growth of the body physically or mentally.

Unhealthy eating habits causes and effect

Many people eat junk foods while they are out from home and they have not much focus on healthy foods, they just eat food for fulfilling the test, not for health. There is long term effect of using unhealthy food and it is seen after some period of times, Nowadays people are using lots of oily food and spicy food which directly affect the health and creates lots of problem in the past.

Unhealthy food effects causes

Today people have no time for care themself  and they develop unhealthy eating habits and the causes of an unhealthy habit are

  1. Lack of time for their health

  2. Workloads pressure

  3. Attraction toward fast food

  4. Lack of knowledge about food and its effects.

  5. Modernization cultures 

Unhealthy eating habits effects

These are some causes of unhealthy eating habits the effects of unhealthy eating habits are;

  1. Increases the fatty on the health

  2. Increases the cholesterol in the body

  3. Decrease the overall body growth

  4. Many diseases such as increases in blood pressure, cancer, thyroid, etc are the main effects of unhealthy foods.

  5. Malnutrition and underweight.

  6. Negatives changes seen in the body are also the main effects of unhealthy eating habits.

Foods that are bad for Healths

Unhealthy Food Effects


Some foods that are bad for health are

  1. Cold drinks that have an excess amount of sugar.

  2. Pizza and mostly oily foods

  3. White bread such as noodles and other manufacturing items that are produces from the factory.

  4.  Unhealthy manufacturing juices 

  5. Cookies and cakes 

  6. Frenchies fry 

These are some food that is bad for health so consume the food that is produced from plant and less consume food that is produced from the factory.  

Negatives effects of fast food

The main negatives effects of fast food are weight gain, a maximum problem seen on the respiratory that causes asthma, and shortness of breath. other negatives effects seen by eating excessive fast food is increasing the cholesterol, blood pressure, Cancers, and other unwanted change in body or body structures.so there is a danger of eating fast food. Eat fresh and healthy foods so that you are physically and mentally fit and fine.


Effects of poor diets on the body

Poor diets increase many problems in human life such that a poor diet increases tension, stress, and tiredness. Poor diets increase the unusual effect on human health such as weight loss, make them lazy, and slowly damage overall immunity power. If the immunity power of humans will decreases then many diseases will easily attack them.

Short term effects of unhealthy eating habits

The short term effects and long-term effects are seen of excessively used of fast food, Thus short terms effects are 

  1. Increases the stress

  2. Unhealthy eating habits increase the tiredness 

  3. Increases the tension

  4. Unhealthy eating habits increase the Temper 

  5. Lack of basics nutrition 

  6. Decreases the focus and concentration on works.

Long Term effects 

These are some short terms effect seen by the excessive used of fast foods and there are long-term effect also  seen by more uses of fast food they are;

  1. Weight gain

  2. Increases blood pressures

  3. Increases the cholesterol  

  4. Hearth diseases and heart attacks 

  5. Some cancers also the main causes of fast foods.

  6. Increases the Diabetes 

These are the diseases caused by unhealthy eating habits of fast food. If you want to free from these types of diseases you will much aware of the effects of fast foods/ junk foods.

Effects of an unhealthy lifestyle

Today, people are so much busy with their work and they have not even time to care about their health so that each year many people can get victims of several diseases due to unhealthy lifestyles. People didn’t so much aware of their health and use fast food/junk food to fulfill their needs. Thus they slowly victims of several diseases. An unhealthy lifestyle creates a lot of problems in short terms as well as the long term. 

Unhealthy lifestyles encounter illness, disability on health, and sometimes it takes a human life. Problems like skeletal problems, metabolic diseases, overweight, cardiovascular diseases, hypertension, and violence are the main effects of an unhealthy lifestyle.  

Effects of poor nutrition on health

Health is the most important thing in human life, without good health, a human cannot achieve any things. To making good health a human much focus on their diets. Good diets make a human more healthy and make them free from any types of diseases. Thus everyone should conscious of their diets. Here are some effects of poor nutrition on health. They are:


  1. Cancer

  2. Cardiovascular diseases 

  3. Increases the illness, temper on body

  4. Focus and concentration will be decreasing slowly.

  5. Weakness and lack of energy.

  6. Attack by normal diseases also due to lack of energy.

  7. Immunity power will be decreasing slowly.

  8. Malnutrition 

  9. Anemia

These are some effects seen by poor nutrition on the body. Take proper and healthy nutrition diets so that you can win all of these diseases. These are some effects of a poor diet on the body.

Effects of bad eating habits on students

Students are not beings aware of their diets, due to not aware of the food they have unplanned diets schedule they may consume different junk/fast foods. Most college students didn’t care about their diets they are much more focused on spicy foods and oily food so that such food creates a long time effect on student health in the future. They mostly face the same problems of heart diseases, cardiovascular diseases, cancer are some diseases that have long terms effects on them.


In conclusion, every year millions of people are victims of unhealthy food effects. They have seen long terms and short effects of consuming unhealthy food effects. Unhealthy food effects increase the many problems on human health and it’s also directly impacted their future. Proper diets and healthy time schedules can change your unhealthy food habits to healthy food habits. Care about your health so that you can free from any type of disease.

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