The importance of protein and fiber in our Diet

Here we discuss The importance of protein and fiber in our Diet. Before starting that first we need to know details about diet, protein, and fiber. These terms are explained below:


Diet is a combination of different food that provides all the essential nutrients in sufficient quantity which helps in nourishing our body to promote our physical and mental health. A good diet means maintaining the nutritional status of our body that helps to grow well and is a basic component of our health. We know that there is a direct link between diet and health. Such as, I want to add one example here. “Plants that grow in soil and have been fertilized and watered regularly that grow to be strong and healthy. And plants that are planted in rocky soil and do not receive enough fertilizer or water grow poorly and dies.

Similarly, the same true is for people especially, for the unborn baby and children under five”. I mean to say that, in this period of life, our body uses the nutrients that are found in our diet to grow properly and stay healthy. Hence, a good diet is needed for every people to balance their physical as well as mental status.


Purpose of having a good diet

  1. To provide energy for all activities.

  2. Meet the dietary requirement of infants, children, and adults.

  3. To maintain proper body temperature.

  4. Promote our physical and mental growth.

  5. To maintain and repair the body cells and tissues.

  6. Protect our body from illness and to keep all parts of the body functioning properly.

  7. To provide needed energy for organ function.

  8. Make our immune system stronger.

  9. To prevent and protect our body from different nutritional deficiency diseases.

  10. Promote our overall health condition.


Importance and benefits of having a good diet

 Diet is an essential part of human life because our body requires a good diet like (green leafy vegetables, eggs, chicken, beans, fruits, etc). for the proper functioning of our whole body and to keep us free from different infectious diseases.


1.Helps in growth and development


A good diet means good nutrition to our body which is essential for normal growth and development as well as behavioral development. Inadequate supply of proper nutrition leads to malnutrition. Malnutrition during early childhood affects physical and mental growth. Such children have poor mental activity or power. In adult life, a good diet is also very important for the maintenance of good health. Growth means the physical increase in the size of the whole body and the organs inside the body. Children especially need a good diet to carry outgrowth and development of the body because they grow and develop at a very fast rate.


2.Helps to prevent specific deficiency

 A good diet means good nutrition like (carbohydrate, protein, fat, vitamins, and minerals) which are essential for the prevention of specific nutritional deficiency diseases and the promotion of better health conditions. If these things are not taken adequately it can cause different diseases such as (kwashiorkor, anemia, scurvy, night blindness, etc).

 3.Helps to control mortality and morbidity rate

Mortality means death rate and morbidity means disease condition. Severe malnutrition affects a person’s ability to fight the disease. The effects of malnutrition on the community are a high death rate, high infant mortality rate, high illness rate. So, to decrease the rate of overall mortality rate good nutrition should be taken in an adequate amount. Hence, we all should keep in mind that a good diet can prevent us from different diseases and helps in lowering the rate of mortality.



Protein is the organic compounds that are composed of amino acids that are important for the growth, development, and normal functioning of our body. It is one of the important components of a good diet for our body. There is a relationship between diet and protein because they are interrelated with each other. In my view, our diet will be incomplete without protein. So, each component and element of diet are very important for good health. As our body needs food to grow similarly, our body needs protein for the repair of cells and tissue. If the intake of protein is inadequate in our body, it causes weight loss, muscular atrophy, and loss of subcutaneous tissue. Lack of protein reduces the amount of padding between the skin and the bones which increases the risk of a pressure sore.

Every person should compulsorily include protein in their daily diet to meet their requirements. Protein containing diet is in animal sources (egg, chicken, milk meat, cheese, and fish) and vegetable sources (pulses, beans, nuts, and oilseeds). If we cannot have more of the protein in our diet, at least one of the animal and vegetable protein should be taken in our daily diet. The requirement of protein for an adult is (1gm of protein per kg of body weight per day) is required. Protein is very beneficial and important in our daily diet. That’s why protein is very important for our body not only for growth and development but also to keep our skin healthier and younger because protein helps in repairing dead skin cells.


Purpose of having protein

  1. To meet our daily body requirements.

  2. Promote our growth and development.

  3. To increase the formation of immune bodies, enzymes, and hormones.

  4. Repair our body cells and tissues.

  5. To provide the required nutrition to our body.

  6. Improve our muscle tone and keep our skin healthy and beautiful.

  7. To balance and maintain our body weight.

  8. Prevent our body from different diseases.

  9. To keep our mind healthy and help to develop good learning skills and ability.

  10. Maintain and regulate body organs.

  11. To heal the wound, injury, and trauma.

 Importance and benefits of protein

1.Helps to provide energy for our body

 Different foods are needed to provide energy for the body. Energy giving foods are required to supply energy for all the daily activities of a person to maintain proper body temperature. Carbohydrates and fats are the sources of energy-giving food containing (spinach, beans, potatoes, egg, fish almonds, bananas, etc). These all are the sources of energy-giving food. If in case, carbohydrate and fat energy giving food are not available in our body then protein is used as energy giving food. Hence, protein is also known as the second source of energy-giving food.

2.Helps in bodybuilding and repair

 To grow, children need body cells to multiply so that the part of the body can grow in the proper size for which food is helpful. Protein is known as bodybuilding food. Protein is mainly needed to replace old cells that die for example like in wound healing.  It promotes growth and keeps the body in good repair. It also helps in the wear and tear of our bodies. Bodybuilding foods are (milk, egg, fish, pulses, beans, nuts, etc). These foods help in the proper growth and development of our body. we should develop a habit of taking these food items into our daily diet. A low intake of these foods will delay our growth and development of the body.


3.Helps in maintenance and regulation of tissue function

 There are different vital organs in our body. Protein helps to protect our body from illness and keep all parts of the body healthy. Dark green leafy vegetables are rich sources of vitamins. Food is needed to maintain and regulate these organs. It includes the regulation of different activities for example (beating of heart, maintenance of body temperature, control of water balance, clotting of blood, etc). It is good to keep in mind that our consumption patterns and diet can vary with the seasons. We cannot get all the fruits, vegetables in the same season because those fruits and vegetables require different temperatures and climate to grow. For maintaining and regulating tissue function an adequate amount of protein diet is needed.


Fiber is a diet which is roughage in nature and usually found from the plants. We take different food items to be healthy. Similarly, fiber plays an important role in keeping our internal organs healthy and strong. We should include fiber food in our daily diet. Fiber diets like (beans, nuts, cucumber, vegetables, fruits, etc) should be taken daily. The requirement of fiber in our daily diet is needed for every person from child to the elderly.


Purpose of having fiber


  1. To promote digestion

  2. Improve the condition of our bodies.

  3. To increase bowel movement

  4. Keep our body organs healthy.

  5. To prevent different diseases like (heart disease, cancer, diabetes, etc).

  6. Keep our body hydrated

 Importance of having fiber

 1.Helps to improve bowel movement

Including fiber in our diet helps to maintain our bowel movement. Food like cucumber, nuts, and other fiber-containing foods helps to keep our stomach healthy by helping in passing stool easily. Because these foods are indigested by our body and help to soften our stool. And helps to keep our stomach and colon healthy.

2.Helps to keep or heart-healthy

To keep our heart healthy, we should include fiber in our diet. A fiber diet can keep our heart healthy by absorbing cholesterol and fats. Fiber diet mostly contains enough water that helps in balancing our heart and keeps it hydrated. It helps to prevent our heart from different heart diseases.

 3. Helps to control our blood sugar level

Diabetes is a disease in which sugar level is high in our blood. If we can add fiber to our diet it helps to slow down the absorption of sugar and maintain our sugar level. So, we should develop a habit of having fiber in our daily diet.


In conclusion, a daily balanced diet containing protein and fiber is important for the promotion of physical as well as mental health of our body. Protein and fiber are essential for the body. There are many benefits to taking protein and fiber food. It makes you healthier and increases your muscles and makes your bones strong. Take daily proper proteins and fibers in your diets. If you have still confusion about the importance of protein and fiber in our diet then feel free to comment on us.




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