Natural Ways to Lose Weight

 With all these diet pills and acai scam products on the market today, we have lost touch with the basic ways of maintaining good health and weight loss. There are plenty of natural ways to stay fit and lose weight. The key is to find a good diet plan and live a healthy lifestyle. Here are my recommendations for natural ways to lose weight.

Flaxseed Oil – Natural Ways to Lose Weight

Flax seeds are known for their omega 3. Omega 3 helps clean the liver and the liver boosts fat-burning enzymes Flax seed oil comes in pills that can be taken daily. It’s a natural way to help lose weight. You can also use flax seeds. They can be grounded into your food or you can make a smoothie with it.

Cheyenne pepper – Natural Ways to Lose Weight

Cheyenne pepper is known to increase metabolism. Add some to your favorite dishes. The extra kick in spice compliments many of your favorite foods. You can add to your soups or into a smoothie. Add it into your hot sauce or ketchup bottle.

No sodium – Natural Ways to Lose Weight

Get rid of salt from your diet. You will be amazed at what foods you can’t eat because of the high sodium. If you have less salt in your body then your body will need less water. You can lose 5 pounds of water weight by getting rid of the daily sodium intake.

This is how professional boxers lose weight really quick. They will kill the sodium intake into their systems and stop drinking water. They’ll drop 5-10 pounds before the weigh-in.


Honey is a natural form of sugar. Use honey instead of sugar where ever and whenever you can. You can reduce the negative effects of processed sugar with a little honey. Honey is Earth’s natural sugar.

It also has many antioxidants that are good for the skin. Using honey can close pores and keep the skin looking very healthy.

No fried foods

Don’t eat anything fried. Regardless of the type of oil used to fry, just don’t touch the stuff. Stay away from fried foods in general and you’ll see an immediate impact on your waistline. There is no such thing as a healthy frying oil. Just stay away. Don’t tell yourself trans oil is ok. Keep it baked or fresh. Just don’t fry if you don’t want to die.

Natural Ways to Lose Weight

Drink lots of water

Drinking a ton of water will remove all the negative enzymes in your body. It will flush your system clean. If you can drink 10 cups of water a day. Then you’ll be cleaner, healthier and your metabolism will improve. 10 cups is a lot but it works. Plus if you don’t eat a lot of sodium you won’t retain that water in your system for long.

Drink lemon juice

Lemon juice can increase your metabolism. It cleans your system and makes you healthy. One lemon a day keeps the fat away.

Keep in mind not to drink lemonade. Any sugary drinks are bad for you. It needs to be lemon juice in water for it to be effective.

Green Tea

Drink a lot of green tea. It helps flush your system and boosts your metabolism. Tea in general works effectively well but green tea works the best. If you drink ice water or hot water you burn extra calories than lukewarm water. Keep that in mind when you drink your drinks.


Most berries have antioxidants but blueberries have antioxidants that help clean the liver. More clean your liver the better fat-burning enzymes you create. Cranberries and blackberries are also a great source of antioxidants.

Don’t overeat

Eat till you get full. But don’t eat till you can’t eat anymore. Doing so will reduce many pounds from your waist. It’s easier said than done but if you get used to eating till you are full then you’ll stop overeating.

natural ways to lose weight helpNatural Ways to Lose Weight

Don’t eat 4 hours before you sleep.

Eating before you sleep will ruin your metabolism. It’s best to not eat before you sleep. Just following this one tip, you will lose a ton of weight.

If you get hungry then just drink some water. Fight the cravings at first and your body will get better at it.

Most importantly don’t give up.

It’s easy to just give up but don’t. Be motivated to live a healthier lifestyle. And stick to a plan. Don’t get distracted. Commit and don’t look back. The best thing you can do is believe in yourself.

No one will believe in you until you start first.  Take immediate action and acknowledge your untapped potential.  There is so much more to you than anyone knows.  Make sure to utilize that potential to the best of your abilities.

Always remember to watch your external language.  No negative talk.  You can do this.  And neutralize your fear and risk.  Keep a positive mindset and focus on the goal.  Get help from a product or a coach if you need it.  But visualize your success and it will happen.


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