List of exercises which we can do daily

Exercise is one of the essential parts of human activities, exercise makes your body fit and fine. There are many benefits of doing exercises, it makes your health better and prevention from many diseases such as cholesterol, heart diseases, and many other diseases. Make your life healthy and happier there are some exercises that you do regularly. These are some List of exercises that you do daily to free from any type of disease and help your body and body improvement.

There are some common exercises that you do in your home that don’t need any equipment. Give you some good time for doing exercises in the morning, which helps to sharpen your mind and make your day wonderful. Here are some exercises that you do early in the morning. 

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Some List of exercises are listed below, please go through each exercise

List of exercises

  1.  Deep breathing and coughing exercise

This is the main point on our list of exercises you need to follow. This means of exercise and breathing practice for those people who have or may have impairment of breathing or respiratory functions where the expansion of lungs is performed by the people through inhalation and exhalation. It is essential for the prevention of pulmonary complications. It promotes effective cough which decreases the risk of lung disease.

Benefits of Deep breathing and coughing exercises

  • Helps to improve our lung’s ventilation.

  • Prevent pulmonary impairment.

  • Helps to maintain or improve chest mobility.

  • Correct inefficient or abdominal breathing patterns.

  • Helps to promote relaxation

  • Improve the overall functional capacity of our body.

These exercises are very helpful for all age people, everyone in your home can do these exercises Deep breathing and coughing exercises have many benefits which are mentioned above    



This exercise is defined as the act of moving our feet at a regular place and setting down each foot in turn from one place to another or to a certain distance for some purpose. This is a good exercise that can be performed on a regular basis. Most of us are doing this exercise daily through our simple works. Though, this is a light exercise which gives many health benefits to our body where everyone can do this exercise from children to elders people.

There are many benefits of walking exercises, everyone in the family does these exercises so that it highly benefits your family. Every day walks more than 1000 steps. Give your early morning for these exercises. There are some benefits of these exercises.

Benefits of walking

  • Keep our mod fresh and helps in reducing stress and tensions.

  • Helps to lose our body weight.

  • Make our bones stronger and reduce bone complications like (fracture, rigidity, dislocation of bones, etc).

  • Helps to make our muscles stronger and increase stamina power.

  • Increase our ability to walk longer distances.

  • Helps to improve our sleep in which our body gets tired by walking and falls asleep which helps our body to get a sound sleep.

3. Running

Running is a method of the rapid movement of our feet in a fast way. This activity is mainly performed for the pleasure moment or is mainly performed by the players. Different players from in and out of the country involve themselves in running because a player needs high stamina power. So, running is the best way to increase stamina power, and our bones and muscles to be stronger and healthy.

Benefits of running

  • Helps to make our muscles stronger.

  • Improve the capacity of our hearts and keep our hearts healthy.

  • Helps to maintain our body weight.

  • Build strong bones for our bodies.

  • Helps to increase the stamina power which is very useful for our body.

Running exercises have many benefits which are mentioned above, give your 10-20 min daily for running exercises.

4. Swimming

Swimming is the movement of our limbs in water to float on the surface of the water. This is the best exercise of all. Most of the children and teenagers are seen to be involved in this activity. But nowadays, adult people are also seen enjoying this activity. Before the day’s people used to swim in rivers, ponds, dams, etc. and nowadays people especially swim in an artificially constructed swimming pool. People are constructing more swimming pools because of the lack of rivers in an urban area and people are more conscious about their health.

Benefits of swimming

  • Maintain a healthy weight gain.

  • Helps to improve muscle tone.

  • Make our heart and lungs healthy.

  • Helps to reduce stress because cold water has the ability to reduce the stress of our whole-body during bathing or swimming.

Swimming is also the most important and highly beneficial exercise, you can do these exercises 2-3 times a week. It has a lot of benefits.

5. pushups

Push-Ups are an exercise in which a person is in a prone position with the palms down under the shoulder, feet on the ground, and where our back is straight pushing our body up and down by bending of the arms.

Benefits of pushups

  •      Especially helps to build muscles of our upper body part such as (shoulder, chest, etc).

  •      Helps to improve our abdominal muscles.

  •      Helps to build our overall body.

Simple exercises which you do in your home or any place. These are the simplest exercises, teenagers regularly do these exercises because they have highly maintained upper body parts. Age more than 16 years are highly recommended for these exercises.

6. Skipping

Skipping is a movement or jump of our both feet or single feet over a rope where each end of the rope is held by both hands and the rope is repeated over our head under the feet. This is also one of the exercises in which most of the children and teenagers are involved.

Benefits of skipping

  • Helps in the coordination of our body.

  • Balance our overall body system and weight.

  • Helps to increase stamina power.

A simple and highly beneficial exercise that helps to balance the overall body and increase stamina. Every age group people do these exercises.

7. Jumping

Jumping is an activity in which our whole body gets off in the air with the help of our legs and feet. It is one of the most played activities among children in school. In school, most of the different competition games are performed. Among all, jumping is one of them which is mostly played by children of this age. Games like ( simple jumping, jumping above the rope, etc.) are mostly played.

Benefits of jumping

  • Increase circulation to our tissue.

  • Helps to balance our body.

  • Increase the capacity of oxygen in our bodies.


In conclusion, our health is the most important part of our life. where there is health, there is always wealth so, give your best to do different exercises that increase your physical health as well as mental health. Doing exercises make your mind free from tension and other types of hesitation. If you’re a regular exerciser then you feel that each of your days is awesome. Doing exercises and making your habits good and staying free from diseases. Please follow our List of exercises and feel improvement in your health.


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