How To Stay Healthy This Summer? Tips

How To Stay Healthy This Summer?

Hey Guys, In this article, we discuss the stay healthy tips for this summer and here we cover some topics of summer tips 2020 like how to stay healthy in this summer heat, summer tips for the body, summer health and safety tips, and summer mental health tips. So keep reading whole articles and feel free to comment on us, if you have any queries.

Health is a state of the complete physical, mental, social, and spiritual well-being of a person in the absence of disease or any infirmity. Likewise, summer is the season from (June to August) and is the hottest season among all four seasons. As the summer starts, plants grow new leaves for the season. This season is the most beautiful and loved season all over the world.

The summer season is beautiful because all the bare trees and plants grow new leaves. Which increase the beauty of our surroundings. It helps to keep our environment clean and healthy. For me, this season is wonderful as it attracts birds and much more wildlife for their shelter and food. 

As we all know, trees with fuller leaf help to provide oxygen to all living beings by purifying our air and cleaning all water sources. All these things are directly connected to our health. If we get purified air and clean water then our health status will be increased. 

Besides this, we can add more beauty and greenery to our homes and communities by planting trees. This will not only increase the beauty of our environment but also provides fresh and cool air to us every day.

Top Six Tips to Stay Healthy This Summer

1.Planting the indoor and outdoor plants

Planting the right trees in the right places at the right time helps to reduce the level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and absorbs different chemical gases through the trees, plants, and bushes. Which helps to mitigate climate changes. 

So, all these things that I mentioned above are related to our health. If we talk more about plants, it helps to keep our mood better by reducing stress with the fresh purified air. 

It cleans the air inside our home by absorbing bad energy and toxins which are not good for health. Planting the indoor plants in our home keeps the environment cool and fresh and helps to get the feeling of well-being (boost our level of mood).

There are many more benefits which we get from the plants. Some of them are already mentioned. Another thing, I want to add is that summer is the season where most rainfall occurs which results in floods and landslides. Many more things and human life is mostly affected by the landslides and flood. 

This year also we all heard the news and saw in many places of Nepal huge landslides occur. It has taken many human beings; animals also destroyed all cultivated land by the landslides. So, if we plant trees and bushes in the barren land of our country, landslides can be prevented (especially in the hilly region). Many animals, human life, and birds can be saved from natural disasters. So, plants play an important role in maintaining our environment and atmosphere and make you stay healthy in summer or any season. So plantation is not only the summer safety tip and summer wellness tips, It is needed throughout the year.

2.Spend time with family Makes you stay Healthy this Summer 

summer is the hottest season of the year when the temperature is too high. There are many things which we can only do in the summer such as swimming. Swimming is the best exercise to keep our body fit and healthy. Another one is we go to the beach and have lots of fun, can play games in the playground and can visit different parks with our family and friends. Also, we can visit various entertainment programs and parties. 

All these things help to keep us active every day. In this way, we can make our mood better, reduce stress, anxiety, and tiredness, and can make our summer healthier by keeping ourselves active. Mostly in summer days, people are seen as more active than in the winter season.

In summer most of us can have vacations especially, schools and college students, so we can have the best time for our enjoyment and get relief from all the stress. We can watch interesting and motivational videos as well as comedy videos because these can have a positive impact on our mood and emotions and stay healthy this summer.

All these activities help to balance our mood and emotions. Also, we can listen to good music, play different games as our choice in summer vacations with our siblings and friends. In this way, we can spend our summer days by involving ourselves in different health-related fitness activities and stay healthy in summer.

3. Stay Healthy this Summer by Meditation and Yoga

We can start our day by doing meditations and yoga which helps to balance our mind and body, gain memory power, increase concentration level, and also keeps us mentally healthy. Stay healthy this summer people of all ages can do yoga and meditation where people with older age can do light exercise So yoga, meditation, and regular body exercise helps to keep our internal organs and mind healthy and stronger and make us stay healthy this summer. This one is the most common summer health facts for yoga students.

We can encourage and motivate our parents to do some exercise by telling them the importance and benefits of daily exercise in our life so that they can be motivated by themselves so that they can stay healthy this summer.

Especially in older age, many people become the victims of respiratory problems and other diseases due to the degeneration of our body cells so to prevent all these conditions they should do breathing exercises like yoga, meditations, deep breathing, and coughing exercise so that the capacity of our respiratory tract can be increased and all the family member stay healthy this summer.

we all should try our best to encourage every member of our family to make the habit of doing regular exercise from an early age. We should keep these things in people’s minds about how daily exercise, yoga, and meditation are important for our bodies to stay healthy this summer.

4. Making Morning Best and Stay healthy this Summer

We should encourage our family members for an early morning walk and exercise. So, our bodies can get a higher amount of oxygen. We should tell them that in the early morning we can get enough oxygen in the air. So it is better to do exercise in the early morning rather than in the evening. This helps them to stay healthy in the summer.

Level of oxygen at morning time(18 to 21% O2) So, that our body can get needed oxygen to keep our internal organs, as well as external body parts, stay healthy and stronger. On the other hand, if we exercise in the day or evening, we cannot get that much-needed oxygen for our body due to the increased carbon dioxide, air pollution, and toxin in the atmosphere. That’s why we should do early morning walk, running and exercise every day for the refreshment of our body and mind so that you can stay healthy this summer.

 5.Caring For Elderly Parents

We should inform people that daily body exercise is essential for the prevention of different diseases. Like heart diseases, respiratory irritations, lung diseases, liver disease, and obesity, etc. (obesity is the main reason for different diseases especially heart diseases).  It is becoming very difficult day by day for people (especially elder parents) to manage their daily life. So in this difficult situation, we will take care of them and stay healthy this summer. 

6. Take Proper Balance Diets 

Lastly, to make our summer healthier we should maintain our daily diet. Due to the high temperature, mostly these days we can have a diet in the form of juice or water Such as (lemon water, coconut water, mint lemon juice, watermelon juice) and much more fresh fruit juice to make ourselves hydrated, cool, and fresh in summer.

More fluid is lost from our body during summer through sweets, urine, and sometimes through vomiting so as to manage fluid and electrolyte balance of our body.

we should have plenty of fluids and water every day in a proper amount. Having more water and fluids helps to wash out all the toxins from the body through our urine. We should start our day with two glasses of lukewarm water on an empty stomach in the early morning. So that our oral tract and stomach can be a washout by water and make you stay healthy this summer. 

It helps to keep our body hydrated throughout the day. Along with this, more vegetables like tomatoes, broccoli, bottle gourd, bitter gourd, pumpkin, beetroot is taken. And more fiber-containing food like cucumber, carrot, etc.  We can also add chicken, egg, fish to our diet. To stay healthy this summer; we can have more dairy products like milk, curd, ice-cream, and different items made from milk. As well as a regular habit of having a balanced diet helps to keep our body and mind healthy. From these products, we can get needed protein, vitamins, and energy to maintain our body.



In conclusion, the things which I discussed in the above paragraph are all about our healthy lifestyle on summer days. However, in this situation, we should be able to manage our health tips so that we will be healthier or stay healthy this summer. All these above points teach you how to be fit and healthy during the summer season. Those points help to make your immune system stronger. Water is the main source to make your body cool this summer so at least 5 liters of water for a healthy man should have daily.


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