Foods that are good for health with healthy food names

Food is a thing which is composed of carbohydrates, fats, proteins, water and which may include solids, semi-solids and liquid also have the property to nourishes our body. There is a close relationship between food and our health. Generally, our body requires food to provide energy for different functions of our body such as body movements, organ functions, and other works. Here we discuss some Foods that are good for health with healthy food names.

General Introduction Foods that are good for health

Food is necessary to us so that it can provide raw materials for enzyme function, growth, and replacement of cells and repair which may be obtained from plants, animals, or other sources like fungus. All foods are needed to meet the dietary requirements of infants, children, adults, and elderly people. 

Our body requires different food sources for upgrading our physical and mental health. Food is a basic need for human beings. We all use many types of foods in our daily life to fulfill our basic needs or to meet our nutritional status. Unhealthy foods and junk food are bad for health so that you make a healthy foods list and eat healthy foods every day.

If we go back with the history of food the concept of consumption of food was somehow different comparing with the present concept. At that time, mostly our ancestors used to go hunting for food. Most of we have heard from our grandparents that in their ancestor’s time mostly non-vegetarian foods were mainly taken in their daily diet because the concept of plant source food was not that much developed in their time.

Some of the plant source food such as rice, potatoes, and maize which were mainly grown in past time for their daily consumption. They used mostly non-vegetarian items to meet the requirement of vegetables. Most of our ancestors at that time used to go hunting because hunting animals was the trend and tradition during their time. People used to consume foods such as trail, season, niuro, and honey which are found in the forest due to unaware of the cultivation and farming of plants and vegetables. At present, we can see the vast changes in food concept.

Foods that are good for health

Nowadays people are more oriented about their health and are giving more focus on a healthy diet. If we see the history of food consumption and the concept of food we can see the great change between the past and the present concept of food.Due to the increasing time and developing new technology time and again people are being more conscious about their health

The literacy rate of people is also increasing day by day in comparison to our ancestor’s time. If the literacy rate is increased we can upgrade the level of knowledge about health in people. According to the past, people are more educated nowadays. The advanced concept of health education is being more modified with time. People are busy in their daily life by involving themselves in various activities. People spend most of the time in official work because of advanced technology. 

As time has changed people use different types of food in their daily life. Foods like rice, wheat, maize, different vegetables, and a variety of fruits are grown for the consumption of people. The concept of cultivation of different plants advanced the level of the present concept of food. The main food that people usually have as their meal is dal, rice, chapati, and vegetables. 

We all know that the Terai region is known as the storehouse of food grains. As the plant foods are more grown consumption of plant sources has also increased because these foods contain more amount of vitamins and protein. Hence, more foods like rice, wheat, whole grains, vegetables, fruits are specially grown by the people.

Functions of food

1. Provision of energy

The function of food in the body is very important as our body needs energy which we get from our food. Food is needed which supplies energy for all our daily activities and to maintain and to regulate our body temperature. The food which we eat is ingested, digested, and absorbed by our body to produce energy generally, one particular food makes up the major part of the diet. Energy giving food includes carbohydrate-rich cereals, fish, egg, rice, bananas, etc. These foods help to balance our body functions.

2.Body building and repair

In comparison to adults, children need a more nutritious balanced diet for the growth of the body part in proper size. Protein mainly needed to replace old cells that die eg. like in wound healing. The nutrients, which promote growth and keep the body in good repair, are proteins and minerals. Bodybuilding food which is good for health is milk, egg, fish, pulses, beans, nuts. If we lack this foodstuff we may delay in growth and development of the body.

3.Maintainance and regulation of tissue function

Our body contains different vital organs that need foods rich in vitamins and minerals to provide protection from illness and keep all parts of the body functioning properly. Dark green leafy vegetables are rich sources of most vitamins and minerals. Food is needed to maintain and regulate all these body organs. Most fresh vegetables( leaves, roots, vegetables, fruits, and flowers) contain high water. Fruits also provide valuable vitamins, minerals, flavor, and variety to our diet. As we know water forms a major part of our blood.water helps to regulate body temperature. Water is taken through food and drinking. Hence, food is needed for maintaining and regulating tissue.

Foods that are good for health

1.Food by origin:

Plants and animals are the main sources of the foods for the survival of living beings.

Animal source foods: Foods that are obtained from animals are known as animal source foods like meat, fish, egg, milk.

Vegetable source foods: Foods that are obtained from plant-like cereals, pulses, vegetables.

2.Foods by function

Energy supplying food: Energy food consist of carbohydrate and fats. Energy foods are those that can be rapidly oxidized by the body to release heat and energy. Sources of carbohydrate( bread, rice, millet, barley, potatoes, bananas, honey, etc

 Bodybuilding food: Protein is known as bodybuilding food, body cells. Protein also helps to repair our tissues and cells and is the basic material of every body cell. Sources are( meat, peas, soybean, peanut, sunflower seeds).

Protective food: Protective foods are vitamins and minerals. They are needed by the body in a small amount to help the body to carry out normal growth, maintenance, and reproduction.

3.Foods by nutritive values

These healthy foods to eat every day so that healthy food help to lose weight. You always make a healthy food chart. Here is some healthy food items list that you should eat daily.

-Cereals( rice, wheat, maize which produces carbohydrates

– Pulses

 – Nuts and oilseeds( almonds, groundnut, mustard seeds, cashew nut, provides protein and fat). 

– Vegetables( green leafy vegetables, sweet potato provide carbohydrates other vegetables provide vitamins). 

– Fruits( guava, amla, citrus fruit provide vitamins, mangoes, orange papaya, etc provide vitamin A, dried fruits provide iron for our body). 

– Milk and milk product( milk, curd, cheese which provides protein for our body). 

– Flesh food( fish, meat provide proteins).

In conclusion, good food means that helps to grow well and enjoy good food which is directly linked with our health. As our human life is incomplete without food, having food will not be enough for our body. We should be able to select a good nutritious diet so that our body could get all the required elements for our good health. Foods that are good for health because always food gives energy to the body. Make a healthy food chart so that you were more conscious of unhealthy food. Healthy foods to eat every day to lose weight and make yourself healthy.



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