Food management according to the diseases.

Food is also a medicine or food is also be poison. Unhealthy food increases diseases and healthy food makes us healthy. Food management plays an important role in healthy health. Food management techniques are very much important when we are suffering from any diseases. For diseases like high blood pressure, diabetics, thyroid, asthma, etc we must know about food management. Here we discuss food-management according to the diseases.


Food management according to the Diseases.

Problems of Constipation

What to eat?

Those who have problem-related with constipation eat fiber includes vegetables. The amount of fiber in bean has more than double, maximum used bean if you have the problem of constipation. The soup of beans is more beneficial for constipation patients. Take the seasonal fruits. Plums are very much beneficial for the constipation patient because it has higher fiber content.

Raisins, figs, date palms are high in fiber and help to decreases constipation. Broccoli, whole grain, banana, etc are also rich in fiber so the use of this food is highly beneficial for constipation patients helps to cure food-related diseases.

What not to eat?

Those who are the victim of constipation are mostly caring for food management. Those who are the patients of constipation cannot eat excessively meat items, fatty substances, milk products, manufacturing food items, oily food, black pulses, red pulses, and cold items. If you are ignoring this, it may cause food poisoning.

High Blood Pressure

For high blood pressure, there are some food safety items that really beneficial to high blood pressure.

What to eat?

Bottle gourd juices, fresh fruits, green vegetables are more consumed by high blood pressure patients. If possible adopt vegetarian goods as much as possibles and low-fat dairy products should be consumed. 

What not to eat?

High blood pressure patients also care about their food management, there are some foods that are not suitable for high blood pressure patients.some are as below

Decrease the food that has sodium. Manufacturing goods, red meats, alcohol items should be less consumed. Also, less drink tea and coffee. For high blood pressure patients, a smoking habit is so dangerous they stop smoking.


Today many people are victims of diabetes and they have not much knowledge about food management. Here, are both foods that are beneficial and non-beneficial for diabetes patients.

What to eat?

Green vegetables, soy, black gram, brown rice, kidney bean, mung bean, and white parts of an egg are good for diabetes patients. Eat high protein and fiber foods. Fruits include cherries, apple, orange, pomegranates, nuts, strawberries, and vegetables are good for diabetes patients. Bitter gourd, tomato, aloe vera juices are also beneficial for diabetes patients.

What not to eat?

Sweet items like chocolates, honey, cakes, pastries are not suitable for diabetes patients. Also, flour, white rice, white bread, pizza, biscuits, noddles, starchy, and fried food, packaged foods, cornflour, etc also not fitting for diabetes patients. Diabetes patients also not consume a banana, grapes, pomegranates, etc because it has a high level of sugar.


Here we discuss the foods that are beneficial and non-beneficial for asthma patients 

What to eat?

Asthma patients eat high Vitamin C including food like Lemon, kiwi, tomato, capsicum, etc. Also eat high protein, Vitamin B, and fiber including foods like pulses, soybeans, green vegetables. soaked almonds are very much beneficial for asthma patients. 

What not to eat?

starchy, and fried food, junk foods, stale food are not good for asthma patients. Also dairy products, sour, and cold products are not suitable. Banana, ripe beets, jack fruits, etc also harmful for asthma patients.


Diarrhea is a common disease. This disease happens due to food problems. Here we discuss the foods that are beneficial and non-beneficial for diarrhea patients.

What to eat?

Light food like banana, mung bean soup, lentils, curd rice, etc is suitable for diarrhea patients. Similarly, cucumber, watermelon, papaya, pomegranates, which have a high level of water also beneficial for diarrhea patients.

Coconut water, lemon water, sugarcane juices, fruit juices, banana juices, etc are eating during the diarrhea period. This food relieves you from diarrhea problems.

What not to eat?

Potato, tamarinds, Bringle,  broccoli, onions nuts, pickles, starred, spicy, and undigested food are not suitable for diarrhea patients. An excessive amount of water required on the body during the diarrhea period so drinks a lot of water.


Many people are victims of flu and they have not much knowledge about food management. Here, are both foods that are beneficial and non-beneficial for flu patients

What to eat?

Vitamin C including food is very beneficial for flu patients such as apple, papaya, figs, kiwis, etc. similarly spinach, beetroot, broccoli, carrot, mushroom, turnip, and other vegetables also very much beneficial to the flu patients.

What not to eat?

Yogurt, cheese, and other clod items which increase the phlegm are not suitable for flu patients. Also don’t eat starchy food, spicy foods white bread, noodles, pasta, etc. These foods are very much risky for flu patients.


Above, we discuss food-management according to the diseases. Thus care about yourself, if you are a victim of any diseases food-management plays an important role in the cure that disease. Stay healthy and stay happy.



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