Effects of poor housing on health

Housing is the physical structure that man uses for shelter and the environment of that structure including all the necessary facilities needed for the physical health, mental health, and social wellbeing of the family and the individual. Housing is an important part of the human physical environment where we spend most of our life. There are many effects of poor housing on health so that if the houses are not good then it affects all your mind and creates problems in the family.  

Housing and it’s important

A good and safe housing place plays a vital role in the overall welfare of the people. If the houses are proper in the construction of sanitation and are overcrowded it may lead to accidents and different diseases. 

In our ancient time, houses were made specially to provide shelter to us due to the low advanced technology and less concern about the good housing system. During those days people used to make houses by the natural resources which are available in their home town. Different styles of houses were constructed by the local people at that time.

 Houses of Ancient times

Houses were made up of stones and clay soil where the wall is constructed by the mixture of water in mud, stones, and the roof is specially constructed with stone plates with the help of wood. At that time there were many trees around us due to the low population. Due to the availability of the dense forests around them, most of the houses were made by the design of wood.


 If we see our present time, we can see there is a vast change between our ancient time and the present time. Due to advancing modern technology, there is rapid development in every sector. The present housing system is advancing day by day with the increasing time. 

Housing concept the present times

Modernization also plays an important role in developing a good housing concept. Housing in the modern concept includes not only the physical structure providing shelter but also the immediate surroundings and the related services and facilities.

Modern houses are usually constructed by the texture of bricks, cement, sand, steel rods, and wood. As our forest area is decreasing day by day due to the increasing population people are destructing the area for the construction of houses and buildings for their shelter.


Criteria for housing for good health

Some criteria help to reduce the effect of poor housing on health they are as below;

1.A healthful housing provides physical protection and shelter from heat, cold, animals, and insects.

2.Provides adequate space for living rooms according to the number of people, kitchen, guest room, study room, and place for recreation activity.

3.It should have adequate light with the facility of tape water supply.

4.It should be constructed and maintained with a proper design and used in a manner such as to prevent the spread of communicable disease.

5.It protects humans from different hazards of exposure to pollution.

6.It should have good drainage for water and proper disposal of waste.

7.It should have bathrooms and sanitary latrine with the reach of the people in the house.

8.It should be protected from rain, sun, wind, and animals.

 In rural areas, it is advised that the built-up area should not exceed one-third of the total area as there is plenty of lands. In urban areas, where land is costly so the built of the area may be up to two-third so that in the urban areas there is non-land requires for playing and other exercises, that create effects of health due to poor housing and over urbanization.

Types of parts of the housing

Many things in the house help to reduce the effects of poor housing on health are given below:


Wall plays an important role in reduces the effect of poor housing on health.

  •  Wall should be weather resistant i.e. Should not absorb heat.

  •  Wall should be colored.

  • Wall should be unsuitable for the harborage of rats and other insects.



The floor also plays an important role in reduces the effect of poor housing on health.

  • Floor of the house should be cemented or stone floor so that it can be easily washed and kept clean and dry.

  • The floor must be smooth and free from cracks to prevent the breeding of insects.


The roof plays an important role in reduces the effect of poor housing on health

  •      The height of the roof should not be less than 10 feet in the absence of air conditioning for our comfort.

  •         The roof should have a slight slope to drain the rainwater.



The room should be made according to the number of people in the house so that it plays an important role in reduces the effect of poor housing on health

Such as:

  •          1 room -2 persons

  •         2 rooms -3 persons

  •         3 rooms -5 persons

  •         4 rooms -7 persons

The room should be different for the opposite sex.


5. Doors and windows

Door and windows also important for reducing the effect of poor housing on health.

  •  Enough ventilation should be provided in the room through doors and windows.

  •  They should be placed facing opposite to each other allowing cross ventilation.

  •   Each room should have two windows.

  •   The windows should be placed at a height of at least 3 feet above the ground.

  •  The windows and door should be screened with a net wire gauze so that to prevent flies and mosquitoes.


The ventilation plays an important role in reduces the effect of poor housing on health because the unwanted air will be pass from rooms and make fresh the rooms 

  • Ventilation should be made in every room including the living rooms and another area of the house so that hot humid air can be replaced by fresh air.


The kitchen  plays an important role in reduces the effect of poor housing on health

  • Kitchen should be made in such a way that the smoke, smell, etc could not enter the rest of the home.

  • The kitchen should be protected from dust and a bad smell.

  • Kitchen should have an adequate lighting system and proper arrangement for storing food and water supply.

  • The sink should be there for washing utensils and should be fitted with for proper drainage system.

Effects of the poor housing system

 There are some effects of poor housing on health are as below;

1.Skin infections

 If the housing is poor then we may have different skin infections like scabies ringworm, etc. which is mainly caused due to the poor hygiene of our body and our living area. If our house is not well constructed with a proper building instrument there is a high chance of suffering from different illnesses due to the proximity to animals like snake bites. We have seen many cases of snake bites found in those areas where the housing system is poorly constructed and especially in the summer season. Hence, the condition of housing should be improving to be safe from different diseases and problems.

2. Respiratory infections

Different infections like tuberculosis, influenza, common cold, whooping cough, etc. are mostly seen due to the low housing system. If there is overcrowding, infectious diseases spread rapidly. Inadequate ventilation is also the main reason for air-borne infectious disease transmission. Indoor pollution is the main cause of allergies and asthma. Poor housing quality and design can degrade the health of people. 

3. Accidents

 Poor housing can cause some defects in the room and environment. Most of the accidents are an important cause of defects and disability.

4.Fecal born disease

Poor housing with poor sanitation causes fecal-borne diseases especially gastrointestinal problems like diarrhea, dysentery due to improper management of sewage, refuse, etc. Fecal borne diseases are common in people who stay along the roadside.

5.Psychological effects and psychological problems

Neurosis, depression, and many behavioral disorders may occur due to feelings of isolation and inferiority, especially in urban areas. If there is overcrowding many psychological problems may arise like irritability, frustration, lack of sleep, anxiety, violence, and mental disorders where children are said to be more affected.

 6.Mortality and morbidity 

Poor housing can cause a high death rate and sickness rate. As I already discussed that poor housing can cause psychological effects. Due to various mental distress, people suffer from different diseases which increase the illness rate and mortality rate.


In conclusion, the house plays an important role in your health. If you reduce the effects of poor housing on health then you are mentally free. We have seen that people in developing countries die due to poor housing and indoor air pollution caused by the burning of coal in leaky and insufficient household stoves. Hence, to manage and prevent all these things we should improve our housing concept and develop a modern healthy house to upgrade the level of our health standard. 


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