Benefits of yoga and meditation

Yoga is a practice of our body and mind in which it enhances more physical exercise; that helps to improve and control our mind and body. Also maintaining a proper diet in our daily life. In comparison to previous days; Nowadays, the tradition of doing yoga is increasing and expanding to all parts of the world. All these results because of awareness among peoples about the Benefits of yoga and meditation. In our ancient time, more than a decade ago, mainly (yogi) used to do yoga. But due to the modernization of our modern world, the followers of yoga are increasing day by day. As most people are health conscious, they are well oriented about their health and are doing various things to make their daily life better.

Yoga is mainly popular for its styles and poses which helps people in many ways. As we all have heard the name of Ram Kisan Yadav who is an Indian yoga guru the founder of Patanjali Ayurved. He is also called Swami Ramdev and is well known all over the world for his great work and dedication. Ramdev was born in Hariyana, India in (1965). He is starting many yoga classes and camps for the people since long ago and broadcasting his yoga classes through T.V.

Ramdev is the yoga guru of India but he is popular all over the world for his fabulous yoga classes and motivation for his audiences. He has launched many yoga classes in and outside of the country with the help of his colleagues. His yoga classes are effective for most of the people who are following his classes regularly. We have seen that people who are practicing his yoga classes daily are telling that they are completely cured after doing yoga and having home-prepared herbal medicine.

Yoga and Meditation

Meditation is also a practice that helps in relaxing and keeping our mind in a peaceful state. The tradition of doing meditation was started many years ago. At that time, people mainly practice meditation for spiritual and religious beliefs. But nowadays, most people meditate for their peaceful mind and their good health. It can be done at any time in a peaceful environment.

The best time for meditation is at 4 am in the early morning. Because the environment at this time is very peaceful and silent. And also our body gets a higher amount of oxygen in the early morning. In comparison to day time, the amount of oxygen is higher in the early morning. So yoga and meditation are mainly performed in the early morning. It is not that beneficial to do yoga and meditation at day time or evening time because our atmosphere gets polluted by smoke from vehicles and industries, dust, human excreta, etc.

We should meditate in open spaces like( garden, balcony, or terrace) where we can get fresh air. Hence, every member and people of the family and society should be encouraged to practice meditation for their mental health. we should aware people that however, our body needs food and exercise to be healthy in the same way our mind also needs good food and mental exercise to be mentally healthy. In my view, meditation is the best to exercise to be mentally healthy. People of all ages( children, teenagers, adults, and elderly people) can do meditation. It can be performed in a silent environment or can be done by playing religious background music to focus our mind and for good concentration.

Purposes of yoga and meditation

  1. Keep our body, mind, and environment at peace.

  2. Reduce stress, tension, and anxiety.

  3. Prevent and cure severe conditions like depression.

  4. Balance the physical structure and improve the mental ability of our body through yoga and meditation.

  5. Improve the functions of our body organs like(heart, lungs, liver, spleen, and kidney).

  6. Prevent and treat all the disease conditions such as heart disease(angina pectoris), cancers, lung fibrosis, dermatitis, bone disease like( osteomalacia osteoporosis, and arthritis).

  7. Correct different deformities and improve our postures.

  8. Improve the circulation of our bodies.

  9. Improve our bones and muscle strength.

  10. Refresh our body and mind.

  11. Increase the level of fitness of our body and mind.

  12. Make our daily life happy and more interesting.

Benefits of Yoga and Meditation

1.Helps to maintain our body postures

One of the most important benefits of yoga and meditation is to maintain body postures (personality improvements). The habit of doing yoga regularly helps to keep our body postures erect and healthy. Different poses and styles are there which we must practice while doing yoga. There are many more poses of yoga but some of the poses which I used to practice are Bhujangasana, Dhanurasana, Trikonasana, and Surya Namaskar. Yoga helps in proper movement of our body parts and also helps to correct deformities like kyphosis, abnormal shape, suppressed nerve, and even helps to treat congenital deformities.

Yoga and Meditation help in balancing not only our physical structure but also helps in balancing our internal body organs such as (heart, liver, spleen, kidney lungs, and stomach). Different styles of yoga stretch our bones and muscles which helps to make our bones stronger and increase our muscle tone. Hence, it plays a very important role in maintaining body posture and helps in balancing our mind through yoga and meditation. It also helps to reduce our weight and maintain our body weight. It also helps to gain weight for underweight people through different poses of yoga.

2.Helps to balance our mind and body

Yoga and meditation are like a natural treatment for our body and mind. If we can perform this activity regularly we will be able to keep our mind peaceful and pure body physically healthy. If we talk about our ancient times only a few people like(yogi) are seen to be involved in this practice but increasing with the time the practice of yoga is also increasing day by day. Now, people are understanding and realizing that yoga has the power to heal our mind and body. With the modernization of our society, the lifestyle of people is changing with the increasing time. We can see that nowadays many people are using advanced forms of treatment technology for their health problems.

Somehow it can work to some extent but not be able to cure the problems completely. By which people realized and got to know that only medical treatment is not enough for solving health problems. Yoga and meditation are very important if it is done properly it can prevent and cure our disease and problems completely without any side effects. So, most of the people of the world are following the tradition of yoga because they came to know that yoga and meditation can reduce, stress anxiety, and tension by which we can balance our minds. It also helps to balance the BMI structure(Body Mass Index) of our body.

3.Helps to prevent and cure depression

Depression is a condition in which there is a decrease in our mood level, less or no interest in anything, feeling of sadness all the time, and affects our daily activities. To treat the conditions many medicines and treatments are used. Somehow it can treat the condition for a certain time. People feel that they are okay during treatment if the medicine or treatment is discontinued the affected person again develops the same feeling of depression. To treat those conditions most of the medical professionals are encouraging and motivating the patient for yoga and meditation so that they can balance their mind by reducing stress and helps to live a better life ahead.

Yoga and meditation also help to control and balance our feelings and emotion and help to develop a positive feeling towards life. People should be aware of the benefits of doing yoga and meditation. We have seen many mentally ill people are not cured fully after having the treatment also. Along with this proper diet should be taken that helps to reduce our stress. Hence, in my view, I think till now there is no such treatment and medicine is invented which can cure the mental disease completely. Therefore, there is no medicine for our mind which is better than yoga and meditation.

4.Helps in circulation

Our body needs food, water, and oxygen to survive. To manage and balance these three-components properly there should be good circulation in our blood. Good blood circulation is one of the major benefits of yoga and meditation. Practicing yoga helps in the proper movement of our body parts as well as the movement of our internal organs which helps in the distribution and circulation of blood and needed ingredients to our body.

Doing yoga is not only having physical exercise but also maintaining and having the proper diet for our body. If we can have a good diet along with yoga then the circulation of our body can be automatically improved. Breathing yoga helps to absorb more oxygen which helps to purify our blood and through the toxin from our body. Therefore, doing yoga is not enough for our body as it also needs a proper diet to maintain the whole circulation of our body and mind.

5.Helps to improve our sleep

Our body needs different food ingredients, water, and oxygen to grow and to be healthy. Similarly, our mind also needs food, rest, and sleep to grow. Rest and sleep are known as an essential part of human life. Every living organism requires rest and sleep for their life. I think sleep is more important for our body and mind to be physically and mentally healthy. If yoga is practiced in our daily life we can improve our sleeping pattern. Practicing different poses of yoga make our body tired and proper blood circulation in our brain which helps our body to fall asleep quickly.

Doing yoga and meditation at least half an hour a day helps to improve our daily sleeping patterns. We have seen that it has also cured and treated many insomnia patients. Yoga involves physical exercise and breathing practice which helps to provide enough oxygen to our brain. Enough oxygen in the blood means a good circulation of blood to our mind and body. We should develop a habit of a consistent sleep schedule so that our body gets enough sleep. The requirement of sleep is different according to age, an adult requires 7 to 8 hours of sleep per day. Hence, sleep is like a balanced diet for our body and mind to be healthy.

In conclusion, our body needs food, water, and oxygen to grow and be healthy. In this way, yoga and meditation have become an essential part of human life that everyone should practice daily to be physically, mentally, and spiritually healthy. These are some benefits of yoga and meditation which help you to become healthier and happy while doing regularly. Used these techniques for a smart and healthier life.


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