Benefits of walking

Walking is an activity in which we move our both legs step by step in a forward direction by using heel and toe where our head and chin should be straight up. It is a means of the best type of exercise among all. This activity is normally performed by all age groups (child to old age). During their daily activity mostly, people used to involve themselves in this activity. A person should walk regularly at least half an hour a day to be healthy so that they have to get more benefits of walking.

History  of walking Practice

 In ancient times, there was no facility for transport. At that time there were no means of buses and cars, so people used to walk more to go from one place to another and even it takes many days to reach their destination. People used to work more and spend most of the time farming which helps them to walk more and provide their body some exercise. At that time people do not need any walking exercise because their body already used to get more exercise while working on the field or anywhere. There were no factories, industries, offices, and other means of business to earn for their livelihood.

And also there were no shops to buy needed things like (rice, wheat, dal, whole grains, and dairy products like milk, curd, butter, cheese, and ghee).To fulfill all these daily needed things (food) they have to grow in their own field and also used to kept buffaloes and cows for the dairy product because at that time whole grains, milk, and their products are the only sources of nutrition and balanced diet because of the unavailability of transport facilities, people used to prepare all daily needed things in their own field and in their own homes.

 People of the past time were fitter, stronger, healthier physically, and mentally than people of the present time. Because of the fresh environment and they used to have chemically free food produced in their own land. If they get sick, they used to do homemade herbal treatment because there was no available nearby medical and hospital. Then also they used to live for more than 100 years. Hence, people of the past used to walk more and the life expectancy rate was also higher than the present.

Present Scenario of  walking Practice

If we talk about our present time, there is a vast change between past time and the present time. I have already discussed the situation of past people. Due to advanced technology and science our society is modernizing day by day. The lifestyle of people is improving according to the changing and increasing time. People are more educated and literate. To make their life more advanced they are destroying the forest area to construct big buildings for the business or for the shelter. people of the present time are seen busier in their official work. They are busy competing with new technology.

 Due to the availability of transportation facilities, they do not walk more as people used to walk in the past. People nowadays are being lazier day by day due to the availability of different facilities. They use different means of transport for going from one place to another. So people nowadays used to walk less than in the past. They do not have enough time to think about their health. 

The condition of the health of the present people is not so good because of the low-quality food. Due to deforestation and less cultivated land, to produce food in more quantity in less area of land people are using pesticides and insecticides which are dangerous for human health. People of the present time need more body exercise because their body is not used in their work and where the mind is mostly used. 

People of our time need more exercise so they can balance their health and work. The life expectancy rate of present people is also lower than before due to all these things. Severe life-threatening conditions are mostly seen in nowadays people. They should walk more rather than using a motor. They should know that walking is the best exercise for our body. So, they should regularly walk every day for some distance.

Purpose of walking

  1. To be physically and mentally healthy.

  2. Make our bones stronger and to increase our muscle strength.

  3. To lose and maintain our weight.

  4. Prevent different disease conditions like (hypertension, diabetes, cancer, heart disease, etc).

  5. To increase the stamina power of our body.

  6. Increase the level of fitness.

  7. To maintain a daily healthy routine.

  8. Prevent and treat depression and anxiety.

  9. To reduce our stress and tensions.

  10. Improve the circulation of our blood.

  11. To balance and increase our appetite level.

  12. Help in proper digestion and relaxation of our stomach.

  13. To get younger all year around.

  14. Increase the life expectancy rate of our life.

Benefits of walking

1.Helps to improve our blood circulation

The habit of walking regularly at least half an hour a day helps to increase the circulation of our body. If we walk every day, our body gets enough oxygen in the blood. The best time to walk is early morning because we can get enough oxygen for our body. As we know, the early morning level of oxygen (18% to 21%) is higher in the atmosphere. The environment at this time is a peaceful and fresh atmosphere. Hence, every member of our family should be encouraged for a morning walk.

2.Helps to prevent different diseases

Daily exercise helps to cure and prevent different disease conditions. Walking is also a type of exercise. We have seen that only medical treatment cannot cure the disease. Along with medical treatment, various exercises are needed to prevent disease.  Simply, walking is very beneficial for our body, as it increases our immune power to cope with different infectious diseases. Walking helps to increase the flow of oxygen to our blood and helps to prevent diseases. It helps to prevent heart disease with a good flow of oxygen which prevents blockage of the heart. Good flow of oxygen to veins and nerves helps to throw toxins and waste from the blood in the form of sweats and urine.  Early morning walk also helps to treat other conditions like diabetes and hypertension.

3.Helps to prevent and treat depressions and anxiety

Depression is a condition in which a person experiences feelings of sadness and affects daily activities. It can be prevented through different medical treatments but not fully succeed. The disease is mainly treated through different physical as well as mental activities where our minds should be busy. Walking plays an important role in preventing this disease.  walking involves the movement of different body parts and diverts our mind concentration.  

It helps to divert and keep our minds busy for a certain time. All these things help to reduce anxiety and stress. Such people should be involved in this activity, so that positive feeling can be brought in their minds. Also, their emotion can be controlled by different activities of walking. Which helps to create a different happy feeling in a person and develop a new healthy habit.

4.Helps to reduce and maintain our weight- Benefits of walking

People use different measures to reduce their weight.  where Obesity is the major cause and problems of different diseases.  Walking is the best exercise to lose weight. It helps to increase the oxygen flow of our blood where oxygen helps to dilute the fat in our muscles and helps in reducing weight.  Walking will not be enough for weight loss. We have control over our daily diet.  A diet containing fewer carbohydrates and less spicy food should be taken. More fluids and water should be taken. Hence, people should be motivated and encouraged towards regular walking to increase and maintain the fitness of our body.

5. Helps to increase the life expectancy rate of our life.

We have seen people who are involved in walking activity more are living a long healthy life than people with less activity.  Walking helps in proper movement of our body and the flow of oxygen which helps to repair our dead cell.  It helps to prevent different disease conditions and helps to keep our internal body organ healthy and strong.  It also helps to keep our muscles and bones strong.  By which we can increase the expectancy rate of our life.

6.Benefits of walking to increase the stamina power

Walking is best to increase our stamina power. Regular walking for a certain time a day helps to increase muscle strength and makes our bones stronger. As our heart rate is increased while walking which helps to keep our heart healthy and strong because of the good circulation to the heart.

In conclusion, health is the most important part of our life, to increase the level and to balance our daily life various exercises should be performed, where walking is a must among all. Walking exercises have many benefits, this is the simplest exercise so that each family member gives the morning time for these exercises. Give your 10-20 min time always morning so that you can get the benefits of walking exercises.




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