Benefits of Tulsi

Tulsi is a traditional holy plant that is worshiped in the Hindu religion by Hindu people. It is a small plant which contains flowers and is like bushes. There are many benefits of tulsi. In the religious beliefs if we plant tulsi in our home or our surroundings then no bad energy can affect our home and people. Tulsi or basil is used as herbal tea, also commonly known as an ayurvedic plant.

We may all have seen and known that tulsi or basil is planted in every house of Hindu people or brahmin people. It is mainly planted for religious purposes. Most of the people used to plant tulsi in between their houses in front of the main door. Herb Tulsi is known as the goddess Laxmi in which her marriage is done with Bishnu.

Tulsi and its purpose

Religious plant Tulsi marriage ceremony is mainly performed for religious purposes. Tulsi is a herbal plant that is used for various purposes such as it is used as tea, medicine, etc.

From our ancestors, time tulsi was found to be a most religious plant among all. Likewise, the use of tulsi and its features is directly linked with the ayurvedic. It plays an important role in balancing the human body and environment by its wonderful features. However, we talk about the benefits of another herbal plant similarly, tulsi also has its beneficial effects.

Benefits of Tulsi

Helps to treat and prevent us from different abdominal diseases.

Our body is made up of different elements where the maximum percent of our body needs oxygen for the regulation of different functions of our body.

Tulsi is a plant that provides purified oxygen for 24 hours. Enough oxygen in our body helps in good circulation in our blood. Tulsi helps to treat different abdominal conditions like gastritis, ulcer, its essential features. Having said that our ancestors used to tell that herbal medicine was the best therapy for all kinds of illnesses.

Respitoraty illness 

Tulsi is beneficial for asthma, colds, cough, bronchitis, sore throat, and similar illness. The regular use of  4 to 5 leaves of tulsi is very beneficial for respirate illness patients. The leaf of the tulsi plant is taken in tea or boiling water.

Reduces stress and lower blood pressures

Regular use of tulsi can reduce stress and lower the blood pressure of any patients. Regular consumption of tulsi can relieve you from different heart diseases, headaches, and other mental tension. Tulsi also the best herbal for decreases anxiety and depression. Regular consumption of tulsi helps you with deep sleep.

Help to Reduces Gastric and Stomach Problems

Uses of tulsi are best for gastric patients, vomiting patients, stomach problems patients, ulcers, and mensuration disorder patients. Regular uses of tulsi treat problems of kidney pains.

Reduces the pain of Arthritis 

Tulsi is also beneficial for joint pain patients. Regular uses of tulsi help to decrease joint pain and its better medicine for arthritis patients.  

Help to maintains the blood sugar 

Regular drinking the tea of tulsi help to maintains blood sugar health. Drinking the tulsi tea help to maintain carbohydrate of body and make you free from blood sugar.

Better for killing antiseptic bacteria 

Tulsi is better for killing the antiseptic bacteria,  uses of tulsi help to kill the mouth bacteria and clean the teeth with making fresh breath.

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Use of Tulsi

Tulsi is a miraculous traditional natural medicine for all diseases and illnesses. Most people used tulsi to treat and cure their illnesses like asthma, mental stress, heart attack. With the use of herbal plants tulsi, many diseases will be cured by it. Most people use tulsi tea because it is better for the heart and reduces heart strokes.

Not only Tulsi is a herbal traditional plant but there are many more other plants which are the best healer for infections and different diseases.

How to make tulsi tea?

These are the easiest way to make tulsi tea, take one glass of pure water and boil it first, after some time, if the water is boiling then put some green or fresh leaves of tulsi on that boiling water. If you want a sugar free tea then you easily take after some 2-3 minutes of putting green leaves on boiling water. If you want sugar then take 1 spoon of sugar per glass. Take 5-6 glass of tulsi tea so that it gives high benefit to your health.

Tulsi tea side effects

There are many positives impacts seen of tulsi but somehow excessive use of tulsi leaves also seen the negative impact. Excessive uses of tulsi create some problems with fertility in human life and it also seems negatives impacts on breastfeeding children. Excessive uses of tulsi tea increase diarrhea and other stomach problems. If you are the first time taking the tulsi tea then take care and drink only 1-2 glass of tulsi tea per day. after slowly you will increase the amount of it.

Benefits of tulsi for skin and Hair

Tulsi or basil benefits for skin and hair, the regular use of tulsi on the face gives a glow and brightness to the overall face. It also helps to reduce the pimple, dark spots and, and clear the clogged pores.

The power of tulsi or basil is very much effective for hair. The use of tulsi or basil power makes your hair shining and minimizing dandruff. It also minimizes the hair fall. The regular use of tulsi power makes hair strong.


How to use the tulsi powder for Skin and Hair

For skin:

Take the 2 spoons of tulsi or basil power. Mix the powder into hot water and keep it for 5-10 minutes. After 10 minutes the mixing power will be slowly used in the face. If you paste the powder on the face you will wait 10-20 minutes so that you get better results. After 20 minutes, wash your face with cleans water. Regular use of tulsi powder up to 30-day decreases skin problems.

For Hair:

Same as the skin, you take the 3-4 spoons of tulsi powder and mix with hot water or cold water. After mixing the tulsi powder, you slowly put the powder on the head and massage it for some minutes. Then after doing massing you left it for 10-20 minutes.  So that the powder reaches each hair. After 20 minutes you wash your hair with clean water. You get the result.


In conclusion, the benefits of tulsi or basil are many more. Tulsi or basil is used mostly for traditional medical purposes, the oil of the tulsi plant is very much essential for joint pains, drying up, and other skins related problem. Regular use of tulsi or basil leaves help you free from many diseases. Such as heart diseases, kidney problems, and stomach pain. Take a regular 2-3 glass of herbal tea that includes tulsi leaf to make you free from many diseases.


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