Benefits of exercise

Exercise is the physical activity of people to improve health and maintain our fitness level. It is used to improve health, maintain fitness, and is important to us as a means of rehabilitation. The range of motion is the exercise which refers to the activity that helps to improve the movement of our joints. Motion is influenced by several structures like; ligaments, tendons, and muscles acting on it during exercise. It helps to prevent stiffness of our joints through their full range of motion. Before talking about Benefits of exercise first we need to know details about types of exercise.

Types of exercise

1.Passive range of motion (PROM)

In this range of motion, different equipment or therapists helps to move the joints through a range of motion and no effort is used from the people’s side.

2.Active assistive range of motion (AAROM)

In this type of motion, people use the muscles and joints to perform the exercise but require some help from the therapist or equipment.

3.Active range of motion (AROM)

In this, people themselves perform the exercise to move our joints and muscles without the help of assistance or equipment.

Lists of exercise which we can do daily

We have listed some of the exercises which you do every day for better health and make yourself healthier. This exercise is so simple and you give some of the time regularly for doing such given exercises.

1.Deep breathing and coughing exercise;

(helps to supply oxygen and blood to prevent our lungs from different complications such as pneumonia and infections)

  • It is a simple exercise you can do in the morning period so that your day becomes productive.

  • These exercises give full-body relaxation and a high level of oxygen flow in each part of the body.

  • It is highly benefits to the lungs and hearts

  • Every day you can give your 5-10 min of time for your early for these exercises.

2. Walking (helps to losses our body weight and make our muscles stronger)

Another simple exercise that you regularly do in your early morning. Give your 20 min regularly for walking, walk every day 1000 steps that have some awesome profits such as; 

  •  It helps you in maintaining your body, reduces your fat, and makes you more handsome. 

  • Lose your weight.

  • Make strong muscles.

  • Free from diseases and other viruses.

  • Highly benefits for hearts and lungs

3. Regular Running (helps to maintain our body weight)

Running is a common exercise that you do daily in the morning time. It has a tremendous profit, while you added it as your morning routine. Some benefits of running are;

  • It helps to reduce your weight and burn your calories.

  • Make strong your muscular power.

  • Highly beneficial for your hearts and make your heartbeats better.

  • Increases your immunity power.

  • It helps to build strong bones. 

These are some benefits of running exercises: give your 10-15 min regularly for running exercises.

4.Swimming (helps to maintain a healthy heart)

Swimming is another most important exercises that you do in your morning time, it has many benefits if you regularly apply these exercises in your daily life.some of the major benefits of swimming exercise are;

  • Swimming highly helps to maintain a healthy heart.

  • Charming on the face.

  • Reduces the wrinkles from the face 

  • Reduces the stress from your body

  • Help to maintains a healthy weight

  • Help to fit the cardiovascular.

5.Pushups (helps to build our upper body)

The pushup is also the simplest exercise which you do early in the morning, thus you can do these exercises anywhere you want. If you do regular 20-30 times  pushups then it has lot’s of benefits such as;

  • It helps to increase the healthy heart.

  • Reduces the fat from the body.

  • Highly help to build your upper parts of the body.

  • Increases the muscular body.

  • Maintains your body weights.

If you regularly do these exercises then it helps you make fit and fines, give your 2-3 min regularly for these exercises early in the morning. You can do these exercises in any place. These exercises have no need for any type of instrument.


6. Skipping (helps in coordination and increase the stamina power)

Skipping is also a simple and highly precious exercise to maintain a healthy body, it also has high benefits if you regularly do these exercises. Give your 10-20 min regularly for these exercises so that you can get lots of benefits from these exercises. There are some benefits of skipping are;


  • Increases immunity power and makes you healthier. 

  • Maintain a healthy weight.

  • Increases the stamina power of your body.
  • Reduces stress and makes you relax.

  • Increases the muscular power of your body.
  • Reduces the fat from the body and gives your body a proper shape.


7. Jumping 

Another exercise that also has a high potential to make your body healthier. Jumping exercises is a very good exercise that helps to maintain the oxygen circulation to our tissue so that it has also tremendous benefit such as; 

  • Highly helps the tissues of our body.

  • Increase the overall oxygen level in the body.

  • Improve sense of balances

  • Highly benefits for hearts 


  • Purpose of exercise

There are many purposes of doing exercises we can indicate some points that as below;

  • Promote circulation by preventing thrombus and embolus formation.

  • To maintain our muscle strength.

  • Prevent fractures and bone dislocation.

  • To facilitate activities of daily living.

  • Promote the living standard of people.

  • To divert the people’s minds in exercise by building his/her strength and energy.

Some of the body movement

  • Flexion

  • Extension

  • Hyperextension

  • Abduction

  • Adduction

  • Rotation

  • Opposition

Indications of exercise

These are some indications that can be reduced if you regularly doing the exercises

  • Weak bones and muscles

  • Obesity

  • Inflammatory infections

  • People with a different disease like (diabetes, muscle weakness, etc).

Contraindications of exercise

  • Cardiac patient

  • Arthritis, fracture, dislocated joints, etc.

  • Severe pain and fatigue

  • Recent trauma or internal injuries

Benefits of exercise

There are some benefits to exercises that are mentioned below. They are ;

  • Maintain our muscle tone and mobility of our joints.

  • It prevents different deformities.

  • Supply oxygen and nutrients to our body tissue.

  • It helps in the circulation of blood.

  • It prevents obesity and regulates body temperature.

  • Improves our digestion, absorption, and utilization of food which helps to increase our appetite level. 

  • It improves lung ventilation which helps to prevent different lung diseases like pneumonia, atelectasis, etc.

  • Helps to promote our physical and mental ability and wellbeing.

  •  It helps to improve our sleep, memory power and relieves tension.

  • Also helps to improve our good posture.

Benefits of exercise according to our body system

1.Cardiovascular system

If you do exercise regularly then it can benefit your cardiovascular system

  • Increase cardiac output.

  • Increase the power of the heart.

  • Improve the strength of cardiac muscles.

2.Pulmonary system

Regularly doing exercise have lots of benefits, if you really do exercises it highly benefits your pulmonary system, these are some benefits of doing exercises

  • Increase respiratory rate and depth.

  • Improve alveolar ventilation.

  • Increasing work of breathing

  • Improve all pulmonary functions.

3.Metabolic system

These are some benefits of doing exercises on the metabolic system;

  •  The basal metabolic rate increased.

  • Increase the use of glucose in fatty acids.

  • Gastric motility Increased.

  • Increase the production of body heat.

4.Muscolo-skeletal system

These are some benefits of doing exercises on the Muscolo -skeletal system;

  •  Improve muscle tone.

  •  Increase joint mobility.

  • Improve muscle tolerance to physical exercise.

  •  Increase muscle mass.

  •  Reduce bone loss.

 These are some exercises you can do in the morning that make you healthier. Give your early one hours for these exercises so that you can get more benefits of exercise in your regular life. All the exercise benefits are mentioned above. If you read these articles please give your 1-2 hrs regular for exercise it can dramatically change your life. There are many benefits of exercise so keep in mind that if you do regular exercise then you can win the many diseases.



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