When Will There Ever Be A Cure For Herpes?

It’s certainly possible, and scientists are hard at work coming up with solutions that could one day make herpes a thing of the past. Scientists are busy at work on a vaccine for herpes at the moment.

Researchers have made big strides in understanding the herpes outbreak mechanism.

The bad news is that there is not a whole lot of funding for these studies. There are a number of drugs out there that can control herpes while good people are waiting for a cure to show up.

There are antiviral drugs that include famciclovir, valacyclovir, and acyclovir. Despite these archaic-sounding names, these medicines are actually very modern, and they are the best weapons in the treatment of herpes right now.

These are the types of outbreaks that are frequently recommended to control herpes outbreaks. A physician could either recommend taking these drugs when an outbreak occurs, or they might recommend taking them continuously to reduce any outbreak likelihood.

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What Is Genital Herpes?

Genital herpes is one of the most typical kinds of STDs in the United States, and it is one of the most annoying too, with pesky outbreaks and flare-ups that can make life a living nightmare. Genital herpes is characterized by blisters that flare up on the mouth, rectum, or genitals, and there is no known cure for the disease at the present moment.

It can be easily managed with antiviral medications, but they can have long-term side effects, and they really only tame and prevent the outbreaks, or lessen the period that outbreaks occur in.

What Is All This About A Vaccine?

Scientists have discovered a new kind of immune cell that is capable of suppressing genital herpes outbreaks caused by the herpes simplex virus. This new scientific information could lead to a vaccine that could prevent herpes outbreaks in people who have already contracted the STD, or basically, a vaccine that could “cure” someone of all their herpes symptoms.

The vaccine could possibly stop people from getting herpes outbreaks, which are the times when a person is contagious. Usually, a person can only contract the virus from sexual intercourse from an infected person at the time that they are having a herpes outbreak. There are almost one million people in the United States with herpes right now. The best way to avoid ever getting herpes, though, is to just avoid having sex.

Are There Other More Natural Methods For Controlling The Herpes Virus?

Ultimate Herpes Protocol Reviews ebook downloadCertainly, there are a slew of other methods for controlling herpes naturally, but those methods are questionable and unproven by science. That doesn’t mean that tens of thousands of people don’t get relief from all-natural methods. It just means that there’s no scientific assurance that they’re going to work.

There is a site called Ultimate Herpes Protocol, for instance, that offers a number of solutions to get rid of herpes naturally. It’s a downloadable eBook that you have to pay a small price for. It’s certainly worth the price because getting rid of herpes is usually a costly and onerous process that involves lots of health insurance costs. If you can avoid all of that, why not give it a try?

What methods are there for avoiding herpes altogether?

The best method for avoiding getting genital herpes altogether is to stop all sexual contact, whatsoever, including oral sex. The second best solution is to be in a long-term, totally monogamous relationship in which both partners totally trust each other. You can’t be totally safe unless you know that your partner is also clean and safe, and not cheating you, especially.

Another method to protect against genital herpes is to use latex condoms. Latex condoms are very effective at preventing infection. STDs can be a nasty business, but it’s best to be in a serious, monogamous relationship if you want to avoid them altogether.

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