What Causes Hemorrhoids?

Many people deal with this embarrassing issue and often wonder what causes hemorrhoids. Though anyone can become afflicted, there are usually very specific reasons. The weight a person carries, inactivity, irregular bowel movements and the foods one eats are all contributing factors to hemorrhoid problems.

Almost everyone will deal with hemorrhoids. They occur in varying degrees. Constipation causes one to strain during a bowel movement. This places pressure on veins within the anus and veins to enlarge. If a person has diarrhea, they find that in running back and forth to the bathroom numerous times also places the same sort of pressure on the bowel area. Hemorrhoids are veins that become swollen. Most discover they have hemorrhoids when they begin to protrude from the rectum.

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What causes hemorrhoids during pregnancy varies. Pregnant women experience irregularities in bowel pattern, but also find that pressure in the pelvic area from the growth of a baby compounds hemorrhoid issues. In addition, with pregnant women, come delivery time, the straining that occurs during delivery makes it worse. Imagine that same pressure without a baby. Heavy weight works in a similar manner with the overweight.

Eating a diet rich in fresh fruits and vegetables can help relieve hemorrhoids. Sufferers also need to make sure to drink enough water so that bowels are not drier than normal. What causes hemorrhoids is usually a simple matter. Proper diet and exercise will go a long way to preventing most hemorrhoids. If it becomes a chronic issue, seeing a doctor helps.

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