What are Hypothyroidism Symptoms?

Are Hypothyroidism Symptoms The Same In All People?

Hypothyroidism symptoms are different physical, emotional and mental changes that happen to a person who has hypothyroidism. Hypothyroidism is underactivity of the thyroid glands which means that there is a decreased secretion of the thyroid hormones. The body may have disrupted metabolic process due to the absence or decrease in amounts of thyroid hormones; these results in many kinds of symptoms like easy fatigability, inability to withstand cold temperatures, constipation, skin changes and more.

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Both men and women may be affected by hypothyroidism but each has specific hypothyroid symptoms. This condition may also be present in infants, young children, teens, young adults and even in people who are in their senior years.

What Are Hypothyroidism Symptoms In Women?

  • Menstrual changes which include a heavier menstrual flow and longer menses. Since a woman’s body is dominated by hormones, a decrease in thyroid function may significantly affect reproductive hormones which often lead to changes in the menstrual cycle.
  • There are increased cholesterol levels since thyroid hormones play an important part in regulating the synthesis of fat in the liver. With a decrease in thyroid hormone secretion, cholesterol levels increase; these can clog the arteries and affect the heart overtime.
  • Weight gain is very pronounced in women since females have more body fat compared to men. Weight gain is one of the most popular symptoms since it can reduce self esteem and may also lead to depression when the illness becomes chronic in nature.
  • Inability to withstand extreme cold temperatures is also very common in hypothyroidism. Women may suffer from this condition more than men since women are less tolerant to cold and may have a smaller body frame compared to men.
  • Overall feeling of weakness, lethargy and sluggishness. Women are seen to be more prone to feel tired and weak when suffering from hypothyroidism; this overwhelming feeling is the effect of the lack of thyroid hormones that can help regulate energy and nutrients that a person gets from food.

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 How About Hypothyroid Symptoms In Men?

  • Easy fatigability is one of the earliest signs of hypothyroidism in men. And while men are known to be energetic and full of vigor, a man who has an underactive thyroid could tire easily and could feel lethargic even throughout the day.
  • Weight gain is also one of the most common symptoms in men but may come later as the illness progresses due to prolonging medical consultation. There is also noticeable increase in weight even when the person hardly eats.
  • Muscle pains and joint pains. Men and women both suffer from joint pains but are more pronounced in men since men are more likely to engage in manual labor, sports and other physical activities. Muscle pains and joint pains are very common in hypothyroidism as well as cramping, stiffness, joint pain, carpal tunnel syndrome and tarsal tunnel syndrome.
  • Hair loss is common in men and women but may be quite pronounced in men. There is loss of hair in the eyebrows and the scalp which can lead to alarming anxiety in men and even depression and stress as well. Hair, skin and nails all rely on thyroid hormones to become healthy and strong. And aside from thinning and hair loss, there are noticeable skin changes, brittle nails and over dry skin as a result of decreased thyroid hormones.
  • Sexual changes are also common in men who suffer from hypothyroidism. Studies have shown that males may complain of premature ejaculation, decreased interest in sex and may even experience erectile dysfunction.
  • Memory loss and reduced ability to concentrate are very common in men. And while these can be early signs of aging, it’s important to seek medical help to find out if reduced concentration and reduction of memory may be attributed to a dysfunctional thyroid or not.

 Are There Symptoms That Are Age-Specific?

Natural Treatments for HypothyroidismThere are several hypothyroidism symptoms that are specific only to several age groups and here are some of the most common symptoms starting from hypothyroidism in infants or babies:

  • There is slow growth and development as well as noticeable tiredness unlike regular infants who seem to be very active during their waking hours.
  • An infant may refuse to feed or even have a desire to eat breastfeed or bottle feed.
  • An infant may be constipated most of the time as well as suffering from other gastrointestinal conditions like gas, bloating and abdominal distention.
  • An infant may have yellowish skin and eyes.

Children aged 3 to 12 years may have the following hypothyroidism symptoms:

  • A child may be noticeably struggle in school and has inability to think sharply.
  • He may display less desire to communicate with others or may appear to be withdrawn.
  • He may suffer from fatigue that can continue all day; this can affect his play time and even time he spends in school.
  • There is also noticeable slow mental and physical development.
  • There are symptoms that are present in adults that are also seen in children.

In adults and in teens, symptoms are divided into two stages: the early hypothyroid symptoms and late hypothyroid symptoms.

Early symptoms in teens and adults:

  • Adults may become exhausted with very little effort. There is also noticeable feeling of fatigue even when the person is at rest.
  • Changes in bowel movement; adults are mostly constipated during the earlier stages of hypothyroidism.
  • Intolerance to cold temperatures.
  • There is numbness on the palms of the hands and there is pain found on the wrist.

Late hypothyroidism symptoms in adults:

  • There is weight gain even when there is noticeable loss of appetite.
  • There is dry skin and hair loss even on the eyebrows.
  • There are voice changes; voice becomes hoarse and cracking.
  • There is depression even for no apparent reason.
  • An adult may experience poor memory and decrease in intellect.
  • In women, there are menstrual irregularities.

Has you can see the hypothyroidism symptoms are several and and they manifest differently in each person depending on age and gender, in future articles well see what treatment is most appropriate and how to do this in you.

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