What Are Hives?

What are hives?

Many people are suffering from this skin condition, but they do not know about it exactly. In fact, hives are known as welts, urticaria, nettle rash or wheals. It is a raised, red, itchy skin rash, which is sometimes triggered by something, producing an allergic reaction named an allergen. As there is an allergic reaction, the body will release a protein called histamine. As histamine is released tiny blood vessels, the fluid will accumulate in the skin and then causes a rash.

What Are Hives?

Do you know? Angioedema is also known as a form of hives; however the swelling happens beneath the skin, not on the surface. Angiodema can be characterized by deep swelling around the lips and eyes, and sometimes of feet, hands and genitals. Generally, it will last longer than hives; however this swelling often goes away in less than 24 hours.

Experts show that angioedema rarely of tongue; throat or lungs can block the airways and cause difficulty breathing. This problem may develop life threatening.

So, what are hives? I would like to provide you with several types of hives, consisting of:

Physical Urticaria:

Hives are caused by direct physical stimulation of skin, for instance, heat, cold, vibration, sun exposure, pressure, exercise and sweating. The hives often occur where the skin was stimulated and sometimes appear other where. Also, most of the hives can appear in 1 hour after exposure.

Acute Aurticaria:

Hives can last less than 6 weeks. Therefore, the most common causes are medication, certain foods or infections. Moreover, internal disease and insect bites can also be responsible.

Hives sufferers should know that the most common foods, causing hives are chocolate, nuts, fish, eggs, tomatoes, milk and fresh berries. In addition, fresh foods will cause hives more than cooked foods. Besides, certain food preservatives and additives may be to blame.

Medication that can cause angioedema and hives consist of aspirin and other medications like high blood pressure drugs, ibuprofen or painkillers like codeine.


It is a very common form of physical urticaria where the hives form after scratching or stroking the skin. The hives may also occur along with some other forms of urticaria.

Now, you are familiar with “What Are Hives”, but do you know how to get rid of hives forever? In our website, you will discover several useful and effective methods to get rid of this skin condition forever. Cheers!

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