Ways to Stop a Panic Attack – 4 Simple Steps

You probably never thought you’d be looking for ways to stop a panic attack.

Maybe lately you’ve experienced symptoms of heart attacks like chest pain and you thought you are having a heart attack?

All right, but if you are pretty sure you are not having a heart attack since you have a healthy heart, then you are most likely having a panic attack.

Ways to Stop a Panic Attack – Understand the Cause

A panic attack is caused by an increased rush of adrenaline in your blood. You can find small, pea sized organs on your kidneys that are known as adrenal glands. Whenever there is any emergency or a fear, your brain sends a signal to the adrenal glands, which releases the adrenaline into your blood. This increased flow of adrenaline is actually helpful in emergency situations since it gives your body energy to response to such situations. But the problem begins when there is no real emergency and your brain won’t stop sending those threat signals and the rush of adrenaline won’t stop. Chest pain, nausea, sweating, dizziness, palpitating, and GI problems are all symptoms of panic attacks.

Here are four simple ways to stop a panic attack. Learn these steps, write them down and follow them whenever you experience any kind of panic situation.

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Ways to Stop a Panic Attack – Relax

Relaxing can really put your mind and your body at ease. The easiest and the simplest way to relax is to take slow, deep breaths. Close your eyes and slowly inhale and exhale, thinking that all the negative thoughts you are having are exhaled out.

Ways to Stop a Panic Attack – Put an end to negative thoughts

Panic attacks are basically caused by negative thoughts. And so, to end your panic attack, you need to stop thinking negatively. Tell your brain to stop sending emergency signals by shouting “STOP” loud inside your head.

Ways to Stop a Panic Attack – Counter your negative thoughts with positive ones

Sometimes it is not possible for you to stop negative thoughts. This is because these negative thoughts are not coming in your brain because of your own wish. These thoughts are just coming to your mind and you have no control over them. In that case, counter your negative thoughts with positive ones. Speak to yourself and assure yourself that everything is fine and nothing is going to be wrong. Whatever negative thought you are having, just think opposite and counter it with a positive one.

Ways to Stop a Panic Attack – Distract your thoughts

Sometimes, it is possible to distract your thoughts and start thinking about something else rather than your fear. As an example, if you sense some kind of threat like footsteps behind you on a dark street, you should start thinking about something else like a movie, your dinner, or anything other than the situation you are going through.

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