Treatments for Hair Loss in Women

It is quite imperative to know the causes of baldness. You see, if you know about the cause, then you might be able to find the right treatment. Considering the fact that there are many causes to baldness, and subsequently many different types of treatment, this process can be quite frustrating.

So, in order to treat hair loss in women properly, one can learn about the causes and treatments, which is very necessary if they want to find the right treatment easily.

Firstly, you should have realized of the fact that many different things could cause hair loss. Although this may be true, one common cause makes up around ninety percent of baldness in women. If a female were to experience baldness because of the extra testosterone, hormones, and DHT that is present in the body, then they would have androgenic alopecia. Naturally, Androgenic Alopecia happens when these extra hormones are present and causes some of the hair follicles to expire. Furthermore, the hair may shed more than normal. Age can also be a factor. For example, when women become older, they may not be able to produce as much estrogen as they were able to in their younger years. When there is not a valid amount of estrogen available, hair may not be able to grow quickly and some hair follicles may die. Because of this effect, hair may die faster than hair can grow, causing baldness.

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Although there is a reason for hair loss genetically, a few things can influence baldness from the outside world. For example, if one were not getting the nutrition that they need, baldness would be among one of the side effects. The body will not be able to take the nutrition needed in order to grow hair properly. This is common among women who undergo certain diet changes. There is even a certain psychological disorder, which causes women to pull out their hair. This is called Trichotillomania. Women inflicted with this disorder usually have the desire to pull out their hair, without actually realizing the damage that they are causing. If one were to pull out their hair excessively, the hair follicles become significantly damaged. When hair follicles are damaged in such a way, they might not be able to produce hair any longer.

If a female were to receive certain medications, side effects might include hair loss. For example, chemotherapy is most known for the extreme hair loss side effect. Medication given to women with a mood disorder may also cause baldness. There are different things that cause hair loss, so in order to treat it easily, it is important to figure out what it is before undergoing any kind of treatment.

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