What is a Thrombosed External Hemorrhoid?

Thrombosed External Hemorrhoid

You are quite lucky if you have never experienced a thrombosed external hemorrhoid. They are quite painful. Some people have even rated the pain level of these types of hemorrhoids as comparable to childbirth or kidney stones.

You may wonder what a thrombosed external hemorrhoid is. External hemorrhoids are located outside the anus. A hemorrhoid that is thrombosed means that it has been strangulated. This means that the blood supply has been depleted. Blood clots usually form in the hemorrhoid when this happens, thus a thrombosed hemorrhoid.

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A thrombosed external hemorrhoid makes itself known when there is severe pain and irritation. Itching, burning, swelling and inflammation are usually present also. The definite evidence that it is thrombosed is the color. The color is usually deep red or deep purple with a black or blue tint. This color appears underneath the skin and the tint is from the blood clot.

i cured my hemorrhoidsSince thrombosed external hemorrhoids are so painful, most people go to the doctor immediately. At home treatments include sitz baths. A sitz bath is a bath with two or three inches of water as hot as tolerable. Sit in the water for around 20 minutes each time for three or four times a day. For even more relief following the sitz bath, sit on a towel-wrapped ice pack. The alternations of heat and cold help with inflammation. Ibuprofen is the recommended relief for these hemorrhoids. Narcotic painkillers usually cause constipation, so they are not recommended.

If home remedies do not relieve your symptoms, then surgery is recommended. There are two possibilities for surgery. The first is an incision that removes the clot. The hemorrhoid is still there and will probably cause pain again, but not as severe if it is not thrombosed. Another surgical option is the hemorrhoidectomy which removes the entire hemorrhoid. This is the most extreme approach but it is the most complete way of getting rid of hemorrhoids.

Hemorrhoids can usually be prevented by eating plenty of fiber and vegetables, drinking plenty of water and getting exercise.

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