The Secret Survey Review – Is Michael Fiore’s Secret Survey Legit?

Michael Fiore’s Secret Survey Review

Hi this is Claire, thanks for checking out my blog, and reading my Secret Survey Review! As you probably already know this is a brand new program for women from the popular relationship coach Michael Fiore.

This is a review of The Secret Survey, Click Here for the Official Secret Survey Website

In this review I will attempt to give you all the information that you may need to know about this program, as well as my own personal opinion on it.

The Secret Survey is a very in-depth program that attempts to explain to women how men think, why men lie to women, why men cheat and much more.

This program is really very ambitious. I’ve read a ton of self help books, books on relationships and of course all the stupid Cosmo articles, and none of them ever tried to answer these important questions.

None of those ever gave me any good insights on men either!

Before we go on – I’m assuming that since you are reading this you have probably had a fair bit of experience dating guys who had some good qualities, but who ended up letting you down…

I’ve dated A LOT of guys like that, guys who started out great, but turned out to be total losers. So I want you to understand that I’m not saying Secret Survey Program is the holy grail, at all. Men will still be men, but hopefully this will help you to understand them better and give you some tools to improve your relationships in the future.

Michael Fiore secret survey reviews scam or legit?

The Secret Survey Review – What You Get…

The Secret Survey Book is an online training course that is divided into 8 training modules. It comes in written, audio and video formats. When you buy it you get access to all three, so it’s not like you have to pick just one. This way you can read everything, listen to the audios in your car, of watch the videos on your computer.

The secret survey by Michael Fiore review testimonials and success storiesPersonally, I like the video modules the best. The audios are cool, but I zone out sometimes when I listen to them I thinking about how everything that Michael is saying relates to thing in my own life… So the video modules keep me more focused on what he is saying. I’d recommend reading the written version first though so that you can take your time and go through it at your own speed. There is A LOT of material here. (I always print this stuff out because I hate staring at the screen for hours.)

As Michael says, this material is not for the faint of heart. Some of the content is pretty “raw” so if you are a real prude then you might be offended, but I think that the average woman will like the frankness and honesty.

I can’t give away the content because it’s all copyrighted, but I wanted to discuss a few of the things that Michael talks about in the Secret Survey Program

  • Why men are like dogs and you are a bad owner. <–This was a freaking wake up call! =O ! I have had some ex boyfriends that were exactly like bad dogs. The were cute, and friendly, but they were very inconsiderate and seemed like they were always in heat LOL… So Michael is right on point, this is a great section.
  • How to use “projective empathy” to know whats going on in a man’s mind even if he doesn’t know what he’s thinking himself. – I’ve been trying this out and I can say that it works for me.
  • Conversational tricks to get a man to open up to you in five minutes flat. – These are also good but honestly it will probably take you way longer than five minutes.

Of course there are bonuses too, my favorite one is the Insecurity Cure with Eric Candal.

Michael Fiore secret survey book reviews pdf download

Secret Survey Reviews, What People Are Saying:

Michael Fiore has been getting great press lately, but women are really going insane over this program. Honestly I think that some of The Secret Survey reviews that you might heard sound a little bit over the top. I’m kind of a “skep-chick” myself, so you can read my thoughts below… But here are a couple sound bites I’ve heard from a few other women who have used Michael’s program:

“If I’d received this material years ago, it would have saved my marriage… kept me from years of heartache, and helped me to avoid dating “bad” guys. It would have helped me find “the one” years earlier than I did!

“I LOVED this! There is some AMAZING information here that is invaluable to the female gender!

I haven’t found and bad reviews for The Secret Survey yet. But I’m keeping my eyes out so that I can post those too. If you have anything to say either negative or positive, leave a comment below!

The secret survey by Michael Fiore review scam or legit?

My Secret Survey Review, My Thoughts…

As I said I have read a lot of books by “relationship experts”.

And I’ve been reading women’s magazines since I was like nine.

I realized a long time that most of this stuff was just silly nonsense. Most of the advice out there on “men” is written by lonely women who don’t have good relationships, or guys who I would NEVER ever date, so in my opinion their advice is worse than useless!

The Secret Survey Program on the other hand is based on the truth, as told by thousands of men.

A lot of the information in Secret Survey Program isn’t exactly stuff that I “liked” hearing, most of it didn’t give me a warm fuzzy feeling. BUT – I’m really glad that I know this stuff now…

If I had to pick a word to describe The Secret Survey Book I’d call it empowering. I feel like now I understand what my boyfriend is going through and he is opening up to me more and more as I’m using Michael’s tools.

Honestly I would recommend this program to any woman who isn’t 100% happy in her relationship right now.

If you are already totally happy then I’m not sure why you are reading this anyway… But if there is room for improvement get this program now and use it! Click Here for the Official Secret Survey Website

Michael Fiore secret survey reviews ebook pdf download

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