The Fat Loss Factor Review – Multiple Testimonials

The purpose of this review is to show an unbiased, comprehensive investigation of the fat loss factor diet program.  The goal is to show a real review with real testimonials.  This Fat Loss Factor Review Review will look at both pro’s and con’s of this diet system.

The Fat Loss Factor Review – Fat Loss Factor History

Fat Loss Factor first appeared online in 2009.  It was created by Dr Charles Livingston.  It is based on dieting tips spanning back to the 1950’s.  It was created to give the average consumer a way to lose weight and live a healthier lifestyle.

The Fat Loss Factor Review – What is the Fat Loss Factor Diet?

Basically it’s a 2 step process.  In step 1  (14 days) you do a cleanse diet/healthy diet.  In step 2 (10 week) you maintain a healthy lifestyle.  That’s the nutshell of the system.

What you do in the two steps is what makes Fat Loss Factor so effective.  There are many steps within the 2 steps.  The goal is to make fat burning enzymes while maintaining a healthier lifestyle.

You still get to eat your favorite foods but you are educated in health.  So you will know why you should eat in moderation or at certain times.  This is a comprehensive university of health and diet knowledge, wrapped in a simple to use box.

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The Fat Loss Factor Program Review

The author claims that if you clean your liver you can lose more weight with little or no effort at all.  He explains how the liver has fat burning enzymes.  You need to cleanse and purify your liver.  That’s done in the first 2 week cleanse step.

I wasn’t sold on the program when I first heard about it.  I saw it on a health blog and a friend recommended it.  I was skeptical but still decided to give it a try.  I was overwhelmed with the new knowledge I came across.

But it was a good overwhelmed.  It was exciting to know how my body worked.  This knowledge was truly power.

After the initial 14 day period, I lost 12 pounds.  It’s been 3 months and I’ve lost 26 pounds.   I’m still on the program because it’s a life changer.  My outlook on food and life has completely changed.  I have more energy and confidence in life.

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The Fat Loss Factor Review – The benefits of this diet plan

One of the benefits of this program is the 15 minutes a day exercise.  You have 3 levels to exercise so you don’t have to do an intense exercise program until you reach that level.

Another big benefit is the knowledge you attain.  There is no fluff.  Everything you learn is something very important about your body.  Whatever you eat you understand the importance of what goes in your mouth.

The biggest benefit is the loss of weight.  The two week cleanse/health diet cleans your liver and boosts your metabolism.  You eat the same foods but you lose weight.  The science behind it is amazing.  You can’t believe it but it’s happening.  And because you know the science behind it you understand why you are losing the weight.

So you know how to not gain that weight back.  There are a ton of other resources given to help you so you don’t fall off the path.

The Fat loss factor  is made for the average consumer.  Real people have gotten real success using this system.  Its a diet program that seems to work for many.

Here are some Fat Loss Factor testimonials:

the fat loss factor review testimonials

The Fat Loss Factor Review – Disadvantages of Fat Loss Factor

Not all diet programs are perfect.  The disadvantage of this program is there are no physical products to purchase.  You have to buy all your food from your local super markets.

Also some of the foods do not taste good.  The milk shakes or lemon juice water aren’t the best tasting drinks.  But they help increase your metabolism.  And you eat your favorite foods and lose weight.  So you have to compromise bad taste for a faster metabolism.

If you are still interested in the diet program…Here is an outline of what you get.

  • Fat Loss Factor ebook
  • Videos showing the cleansing process
  • Detailed Workout plans
  • Exercise log
  • Goal Setting Guide
  • FooJoo Software
  • 15 Minute workouts
  • Shopping List for groceries
  • ebook containing recipes
  • Measurement forms
  • Lifetime upgrades
  • Free email coaching for one year

If you do planning on using this program, here’re some things that you really should know:

the fat loss factor book reviews

  • Author: Dr Charles Livingston
  • Cost: $47
  • Guarantee: 60 day money back guarantee
  • Type of program: Main program is downloadable PDF E-book a ton of extra features.
  • Overall rating: I think this is the best weight loss program out there.  It’s comprehensive and setup for anyone with motivation to succeed.

If you want to try The Fat Loss Factor for yourself from the main website. Currently there’s a trial offer going on for Fat Loss Factor.  There is a 6o day money back guarantee so if y0u are not satisfied y0u can get a refund.  Go to the link below t0 see more inf0.

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