Stop Hair Loss with a Balanced Diet

Stop Hair Loss

I guess many people have met such a situation: When you are brushing your hair, you notice that you lose more strands than usual. Then, you look into the mirror and discover that you have a receding hair line or patches on your scalp that are visible due to your hair thinning out.

In fact, there are many causes of hair loss, such as: iron deficiency, endocrine disorders, drugs, infections, immunological causes, traumas, rapid weight loss, anorexia, lack of essential fatty acids, protein deficiency and stress. So, in order to get gid of such a bad situation, you need to keep a balanced diet.

stop hair loss with a balanced diet

You see, a proper diet is very helpful in the treatment and prevention of baldness. Irons, protein and cystine are particularly useful. For this reason it’s important to consume a lot of poultry, fish, legumes, milk, cheese, whole grains, spinach and lentils.

Moreover, vitamin C helps in the absorption of iron, so do try to combine foods that contain iron with foods that contain vitamin C, like apples, peppers, broccoli, oranges, potatoes, etc. Additionally, Vitamins B3, B6 and B9 assist in the formation of the amino acids that constitute the follicle. These vitamins are found in eggs, red meat, dried fruit, wholegrain cereals and yogurt.

However, speaking of hair loss treatment, some people may advise to purchase some hair loss treatment products to improve the current condition. In fact, I advise you don’t fall for any scams and waste your money. A balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle are enough to help you stop hair loss.

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