Simple Steps To Successfully Prevent Panic Attacks

Racing heartbeat, churning stomach, dizzying spells and stretched facial tissues are some of the signs of impending panic attacks. It is correctly said that prevention is better than cure and it is really important that we learn to prevent panic attacks which may ruin our life.

There are different ways of preventing panic attacks each dependent on the cause of the attack and also on the nature of the person. If you too are troubled by recurrent panic attacks then you need to take out some time and reflect what is making you so anxious that causes you to react in an involuntary manner. You then need to find out the right technique and practice it regular so that you are able to understand in advance the occurrence of panic attacks and the ways to prevent it. So here are some simple steps that will help you prevent panic attacks:

  • Stress is the main cause of panic attack and therefore efficient managing of tension and stress can prevent panic attacks. Hence it is important to focus and find out what is causing you stress and if not all of it can be eliminated, certainly the stress levels in our lives can be reduced to lower levels. It is also seen that as the person start suffering panic attacks their stress levels skyrocket and hence it turns into a vicious cycle. So rule number one to prevent panic attacks is to face your fears boldly and try to control them which will help in reducing stress levels and thereby prevent attacks.

simple steps to successfully prevent panic attacks

  • Joe McDonagh, author of the program “Panic Away” explains that our brain become overactive whenever we experience fear and it soon adopts a fight or flight methodology. This approach generates more fear and it becomes extremely difficult to calm down our agitated mind during this time even if we practice slow breathing. Therefore it would be better if we prepare ourselves in advance how to switch off our brain from working overtime when we are confronted with stressful situation.  By learning one move technique advocated by Joe a person is able to instantly eliminate fear and prevent panic attack.
  • Some changes need to be made in your daily schedules if you want to prevent panic attacks. Though changing habits is the toughest job, it is surely most rewarding. Excessive caffeine intake, smoking and alcohol cause our adrenaline levels to rise which is one of the main triggers of panic attacks.  You should keep a close eye on the factors which causes panic attack especially what you eat and drink as this will help you in modifying your lifestyle which will prevent panic attacks. Drink a lot of water and consume lot of fresh fruits and vegetables. These are rich sources of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and also help our body to flush out harmful toxins. So eating right will not only help you to keep fit but will also assist in preventing panic attacks.

A little precaution in advance and careful planning can help you prevent panic attacks. Eat right, manage your stress and learn techniques to instantly combat panic if you want to prevent panic attacks. If everything else fails take the help of a medical practitioner who can help you in preventing panic attacks.

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