Panic Attack Treatment – Dealing With Panic Attacks

Are you finally ready to combat your panic attacks and seek panic attack treatment? This will give you much needed relief! You might not know what kind of treatment is available, where to go, or how to get treated.  Panic attack treatments range from drug therapy to psycho therapy to breathing and relaxation techniques to natural remedies.  This article will offer different holistic remedies and treatments to help you in dealing with panic attacks.

Panic Attack Treatment – Possible causes of panic attacks

You can identify certain causes of panic attacks by getting a thorough physical examination to rule out any medical issues that might be causing the symptoms.   Some heart conditions have symptoms similar to panic attacks.  Your doctor will likely prescribe a series of cardio tests to check the health of your heart.  However, certain chemical imbalances actually do cause panic attacks.  Blood tests will be able to rule out conditions like hyperthyroidism or hypoglycemia which, if untreated, will lead to heightened anxiety.

Another thing to consider is your consumption of coffee and cigarettes.  Studies have shown that caffeine, nicotine and other stimulants can increase the feeling of anxiety.  If you are prone to attacks, it’s best to avoid these chemicals.

panic attack treatment dealing with panic attacks

Panic Attack Treatment – Just breathe and relax

Panic attack treatment can be as easy as taking a deep breath.  If you want an easy way to combat your feelings of anxiety try practicing deep breathing exercises. The physical act of bringing more oxygen to the brain is a sure fire remedy to reduce anxiety feelings when faced with a stressful or uncomfortable situation.  When you focus on controlling your breathing, rather than the feelings of panic that are trying to overwhelm you, you will have a much greater chance to react calmly to the panic attack.

Most people don’t take time to relax, and this can be especially dangerous if you are prone to suffering from panic attacks.  Being stressed will just propel you into a heightened state of anxiety.  Learn to devote some time each day for “downtime”.  Chilling out with a magazine, or a warm bath or a hot drink is a good way to distress, unwind and prevent the anxiety from building up to attack level.

Panic Attack Treatment – A fit body is a fit mind

Another good panic attack treatment is getting into the habit of working out.  Whether you run, do yoga or go to a gym, a regular fitness routine is great to keep your body in shape.  The more fit you get your body, the more fit you will get your mind.  There are several benefits for your mind associated with working out.   First, a good workout takes your thoughts away from the trials and tribulations of your life for a while.  Working out produces a chemical in your body called endorphins, which help reduce anxiety and promote a feeling of well being.  Another benefit of working out is that it gives you an outlet to burn excess adrenaline and energy.

Panic Attack Treatment – Forewarned is forearmed

If you suffer from panic attacks, don’t think that you are flawed or a weakling.  One of the best panic attack treatments is having the tools and knowledge to recognize the onset of a panic attack before it strikes.  This will reduce your anxiety and help reduce the severity and frequency of attacks.  Knowing what to do during a panic attack, as well as working on lifestyle changes to prevent panic attacks in the future are ways to minimize the impact this condition will have on your life.

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