Natural Remedies for Anxiety – Liberate Yourself From the Stress

Natural remedies for anxiety may not be your first thought if you suddenly find yourself feeling anxious, frightened and troubled, and you have no idea why this is happening to you.  Chances are you are part of the ever increasing trend of people struggling with anxiety.  It seems to be a consequence of our modern life.

So if you feel you are suffering from anxiety, your first inclination might be to see a doctor and get this treated with prescription drugs. While these drugs may help alleviate the symptoms of anxiety, they are not a cure.  More and more, people are turning away from drugs and seeking natural remedies for anxiety.

Like all treatments, there is no one size fits all cure.  Natural remedies for anxiety have to be tested to see what works for you.  Here are some proven and simple things you can try to start getting relief right away, with no worry of harmful side effects.

Natural Remedies for Anxiety – Reduce Your Alcohol

1 new panic away bannerAlcohol is supposed to relax people, but if you suffer from anxiety, drinking large amounts of alcohol may have the opposite effect.  If you find that you are feeling more anxious after a few drinks, cut out the alcohol for a while and see if your symptoms go away.  This method may only be effective if you are a heavy drinker, but it’s worth a try.

Natural Remedies for Anxiety – Get Your Z’s and your B’s

Sleep deprivation causes lots of unpleasant reactions in the body, it’s no wonder that it can trigger an anxiety attack as well.  You will be more relaxed if you are properly rested, so get a good night’s sleep.  Additionally, studies have shown vitamin B to be one of the more effective natural remedies for anxiety.  It’s recommended that you get this supplement in a multivitamin.  The extra vitamins and nutrients will be beneficial to your overall well being.

Natural Remedies for Anxiety – Sweeteners

Artificial sweeteners are found in many foods and drinks today, and may be a source of your anxiety. Additionally, white processed sugar has been known to prompt anxious feelings.  So read the labels on the foods you buy and avoid anything artificial or excessive white sugar.  Eliminating the chemicals and extra calories will again have an added benefit of contributing to your overall well being and health.

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Natural Remedies for Anxiety – Kick the Jo

Even people who don’t suffer from anxiety get nervous and anxious when they consume too much caffeine.  If you suffer from anxiety, the effects of caffeine on you will be more intense.  Avoid any products with caffeine.  If you have a habit of drinking a cup or two of coffee every morning, switch to decaf.  You may feel this natural remedy for anxiety a bit hard to swallow, excuse the pun, especially if you are addicted to caffeine.  Hang in there for 19 days, and the cravings will stop.

Natural Remedies for Anxiety – Exercise

If you feel some nervousness or anxiety coming on, move around and get your blood flowing.  Not only will this take your mind off whatever is causing you stress, but it will force you to breathe more deeply, and help you to calm you down.  By focusing on an exercise or a walk, and not the anxiety you’re experiencing, you’ll greatly minimize the impact of the anxiety attack.

Natural Remedies for Anxiety – No Harsh Drugs

As mentioned above, prescription drugs can have harsh and unpleasant side effects.  By avoiding this treatment path, you can remain healthy and functional.  You’ll also feel good about yourself that you are doing whatever you can to address your anxiety issues.

Again, it may take some experimentation to find some natural remedies for anxiety that work for you. Just keep trying different holistic treatments and you’ll hit on the ones that help you.

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