Natural Anxiety Remedies – Drink Your Anxiety Away

Your eating and drinking habits have a significant impact on your general well being, including your ability to avoid anxiety attacks.   Natural anxiety remedies can help relieve your anxiety.  A very effective  and easy remedy to try is drinking lots of pure, fresh water.

Water is known for quenching your thirst, leading to the more important process of quenching your anxiety. Water is truly the great quencher.

Natural Anxiety Remedies – Quench Your Anxiety With Water

Every vital body function requires an ample water supply to refresh each cell and carry away the waste products. Other systems depend on water to transport hormones, chemical messengers and nutrients to the vital organs. When there is insufficient hydration, the body will react with various symptoms and signals, one of which is the undesirable feeling of anxiety.

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Natural Anxiety Remedies – The effects of dehydration

Here are some facts about our relationship with water:

  1. Many Americans (75%) are chronically dehydrated.
  2. Some American’s (37%) thirst response is so weak that it is frequently mistaken for hunger.
  3. The metabolism rate slows down 3% in those with just MILD hydration.
  4. All of the dieters studied at the University of Washington were able to shut down hunger pangs with one glass of water at midnight.
  5. The #1 cause of daytime fatigue is dehydration.

Natural Anxiety Remedies – Water is the best medicine

The most vital ingredient in our diet is regular dosage of fresh drinking water.  This has been the advice of the medical profession (and your Mom) for years.  Dehydrated cells are very sensitive and let the brain know something is missing that is vital to survival and avoiding anxiety. Natural anxiety remedies include drinking eight glasses of fresh water per day will rebalance the hydration deficit.

Emotions and dehydration have a relationship.  This is shown in the hangover, which follows a period of overindulgence, resulting in dehydration. The electrolytic imbalance can promote fear, jumpiness and anxiety to an extreme, commonly called “hangover fear”.

Being aware that the dehydration factor is directly related to anxiety and nervousness is a very important consideration. The availability of water as a remedy is a blessing to suffers. We have discovered that the eight glasses of water can not only help with anxiety, but also with stamina and fatigue.

Natural Anxiety Remedies – Get your 8 glasses a day

Drinking the desired eight glasses of fresh water, or coming as close as possible, is one of the best natural anxiety remedies, and it’s really not that difficult. Unfortunately, the majority of us can’t seem to do this. Try to keep in mind that immediate relief from panic attacks and various forms of anxiety is as close as the kitchen sink.  You can have the life of your dreams if you maintain your health, and drinking fresh water is a part of that regimen.

Don’t let anxiety steal your life from you. Taking small steps, like drinking 8 gasses of fresh water is an easy and effective way to incorporate natural anxiety remedies into your daily life, and will help you achieve your goal of becoming anxiety free.

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