Some Must to Know Truths about Lee Stafford Hair Growth Treatment

The facts about Lee Stafford hair growth treatment presented here under is based on the experiences of more than 300 males and females from various universities having normal hair along with the hair conditioned at different levels. Most of the participants have reported that instead of actually making their hair longer and increasing their growth this treatment has enhanced the thickness of their hair artificially like various other hair treatments available in the market which do not claim to improve hair growth.

These comments do not establish the effectiveness of the Lee Stafford Hair Growth Treatment unless you know its ingredients and the way they work for hair regeneration. Many ingredients are used in this hair growing treatment to grow the hair effectively but get desired results one will have to understand their working level instead of using them superficially.

Hair growth

Some of the topical treatments for hair regeneration are briefly discussed hereunder to understand their effectiveness.

Head Massage: Massaging the scalp along with various other topical treatments is an effective method of improving the speed of hair growth. You can use this treatment not only for growing your hair longer but it also thickens the thin hair effectively. If you already have healthy hair then this treatment can maintain their health for longer time.

Taoist Handmade Soap: Whether you want to thicken your hair or increase their length you can use this superficially designed powerful soap for this purpose. It is effective and safe for hair as well as scalp as it is a completely organic and natural soap. If you want to grow your hair in 2-3 weeks then you should not use this soap very frequently as it starts growing hair on your scalp as fast as they grow on the beard of men which they have to shave daily. This soap give you better results if healthy diet is also consumed along with its use. Though it is a costly soap and everyone may not afford it but its availability in various quantities can make it affordable for you as they deliver it without any delivery charges. The organic ingredients used in this soap make it a safe treatment for hair growth which is worth every penny you spend on it. As the ingredients are completely organic, there is nothing to fear about the side effects.

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Correct nutrition and exercise: You can get best results in the growth of your hair if you are trying to increase their length as well as girth by eating nutritious diets along with regular good exercises. In order to improve your diet you should avoid eating packaged foods start eating non-GMO and organic foods like vegetables, leafy greens and red meat. These nutritious diets will not only improve the health of you hair but your overall health also. You can prefer to eat vitamin B rich foods or B complex vitamin tablets if you are vegetarian as it is necessary to grow your hair at faster pace.

How it works

Like other effective topical hair regeneration treatments and methods Lee Stafford treatment also requires your money and attention to prove its effectiveness. The flashy bright pink label of this treatment attracts everyone who is desperately searching an effective hair loss treatment.

But before using this treatment you should be aware of the reason of your hair loss. Simply saying, your scalp has DHT, a sex hormone usually present in men, which prevents the growth of your hair and your hair follicles fall out due to inflammation on the scalp.

As you fertilize the earth to grow flowers similarly hair growth treatment introduced by Lee Stafford works on this theory. This shampoo improves the circulation of blood to the roots of your hair by stimulating the metabolic activity of their bulb cells. This improvement in blood circulation stops the falling of hair follicles by reducing the inflammation on the scalp. But there is difference between the theory of this treatment and the reviews of its users. According to them it neither had improved their hair nor worsened but they had not denied that it had made their hair smoother, softer and shinier than before.

Though enough evidences are not available till now to scientifically prove the effectiveness of this hair growth treatment but even then you can no ignore this treatment, if you are aware of the root causes of hair loss. You will recognize that to control your hair loss completely you are required to use a number of methods including the control on your diet, stress and do exercise regularly along with this treatment.

Lee Stafford

Lee Stafford, the originator of Lee Stafford treatment, is a celebrity hairdresser who has won a number of awards. He was born in Leigh-on-Sea, Essex on 17th October 1966.

In 1984 in Leigh-on-Sea, Essex Stafford opened his first hair salon under the name of The House That Hair Built. Geezers was the name of his second salon which he opened in 1992 in Aughton, Sheffield. The impressive period of his hairdresser career started after winning the title of Men’s British Hairdresser of the Year in 1997. In Wardour Street, London, W1 he opened his third hair salon in 2000 after which he launched the range of his hair care products in 2001. His hair care products won a number of awards due to their effectiveness and safety features. Lee Stafford appeared on Celebrity Scissorhands, a BBC television series, in 2007 where he trained celebrities to cut hair. 1980s pop star Steve Strange and Tamara Beckwith were his trainees on that TV show. The program was organized by the BBC for raising funds for Children in Need, a charity of BBC. On Channel 4 Stafford featured on a television series, the Secret Millionaire, on 6th November 2011. Jessica-Jane Clement, the model and star of The Real Hustle, was the wife of Lee Stafford. In 2013 Stafford appeared on a TV series Pointless Celebrities. Since 1997 till today he won a number of awards for his hair dressing skills as well as hair care products including Lee Stafford hair growth treatment.

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