Mad About Manga Review – Is This Program Worth Using?

Learn To Master Manga Drawing Skills With Mad About Manga Program

To help get clear about Mad About Manga, I will introduce it in 5 following sections

  • What Is Mad About Manga?
  • How Will Mad About Manga?
  • How Much To Get Started?
  • Is It Guaranteed That Mad About Manga?
  • Does Mad About Manga Give You Any Support?

Malcolm Matheson Mad About Manga Review Learn How To Draw Manga Characters

What Is Mad About Manga?

Mad About Manga, a new manga drawing course, was created by Malcolm Matheson who is a professional art designer and also a manga fanatic. He claims that his course can help people draw manga beautifully. In other words, this course will enable you to draw a wide range of characters with different styles, positions and emotions. No matter at what level of manga drawing you are now, you can create manga artwork that is full of authenticity, beauty, creativity and diversity. Continue reading to see how this course will work for you!

How Will Mad About Manga Benefit You?

The drawing course will provide step-by-step instructions, techniques and tips on how to create manga characters and stories impressively. To be specific, the course will guide you to:

  • Draw complicated 3D Manga with ease
  • Depict Manga eyes, hands, hair, heads and ears properly
  • Draw characters in different positions and poses
  • Realize the key difference in body shapes of men and women
  • Transform stick figures into manga action characters
  • Draw weapons for your characters
  • Add emotions and depth to your characters professionally
  • Create multiple manga characters and strips
  • Create numerous characters of different ages and genders
  • Learn writing techniques to create dynamic and fast paced characters
  • Use meaningful symbols and develop your own manga stories
  • Understand the building blocks constructing a manga character. There will be nothing that can hold you back from depicting manga characters.

Malcolm Matheson Mad About Manga Review Learn How To Draw Manga Characters Book Download

The course also covers Cartoon Strip Section that will teach you to write your own script. In this section, you will learn:

  • Important rules for manga text, layout of characters and dialogue
  • A three-step drafting technique to invent manga stories easily
  • 3 components of comic humor and how to make your manga fun to read
  • The way to make it easier for readers to follow your manga by using different styles of word balloons
  • The rule to connect readers with your manga so that you can pique and maintain readers’ interest in your work
  • How to avoid making tedious and complex manga strips
  • How to use symbols to arrange and illustrate meaningful scences

And tons more

What I have mentioned above is just a fraction of the content of the course. You yourself can discover more about how Mad About Manga can help you master manga drawing skills after buying the product.

Malcolm Matheson Mad About Manga Review Book PDF Download

How Much To Get Started?

Thanks to this product, you will not have to attend art classes or seek consultation from professional cartoonists. Bear in mind that a one-hour consultation normally costs at least $120. With one payment of $97, can draw any manga character you desire quickly and professionally. Does that sound great for you?

Mad About Manga By Malcolm Matheson Review Learn How To Draw Manga Characters PDF Download

Is It Guaranteed That Mad About Manga?

Of course! The author wants to make sure that customers can be completely satisfied with the product. Besides, he does not want unhappy customers regret over buying the product. Consequently, the course offers an unconditional 60-day money back guarantee. If the course does not help you achieve success in creating manga artwork, you can claim a full refund. There will not be any trouble in getting your money back. You will risk nothing at all!

Does Mad About Manga Give You Any Support?

Certainly! The author is willing to provide support for customers who have any questions regarding the product. You can contact him at

Now after reading my Mad About Manga review, it is up to you whether to use this product. If you have anything unclear about my review, leave your comment below. I will reply your feedback as soon as possible!

Mad About Manga By Malcolm Matheson Review Ebook PDF Download

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