Learn How to Deal with Panic Attacks without Enlisting the Help of Professional

Is your ear filled with the sound of your pounding heart when you are home alone especially at night or do you need a frequent visit from doctor because of severe heart pain which is often diagnosed as panic attack? It is extremely essential for us to deal with panic attacks and should do away with them completely if you want to lead a more calm and confident life. Rather than using anti depressants and anti anxiety medications like valium which causes a number of side effects, people are on a lookout for natural ways to deal with panic attacks. The first step towards dealing with panic attacks is to acknowledge the fact that you suffer from anxiety disorder and it is not simply a “problem in person’s head”.

So here is a handy guide that will teach you how to safely and sensibly deal with anxiety disorder without actually using any drugs or visiting a doctor:

  • Barry Joe McDonagh in his site “Panic away” suggests that most of us try to deal with the panic attack when we are in the heat of things. The situation can be best described as the condition when we try to close the doors of the stable when the horses have already bolted. Therefore if you want to deal with the anxiety attack rather than following 30 unsuccessful long steps mentioned in any panic controlling guide one must follow just “One move technique” of Joe to conquer your fears.  Person’s fear causes them to become anxious and anxiety leads to panic attacks. So if you are able to stop the fear in its tracks you are less likely to suffer from a panic attack.
  • If you have tried facing your fears boldly and unable to get a tight grip over your emotions it would be better if you avoid the situations and circumstances which are causing you to feel anxious. So stay  away from the state which causes you to panic and you will be able to deal with panic attacks effectively

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  • Deficiency of certain vitamins and mineral causes chemical imbalance in the brain. When the person is in tension or in stress the vitamin B resources in our body gets depleted quickly, making the person feel more anxious. Hence it becomes all the more important to take balanced healthy diet when you are in the state of stress so as to avoid panic attacks. A diet low in sugar also helps in reducing the stress levels and helps in releasing hormones that helps in reducing fear. So instead of reaching for that calorie laden chocolate éclair to nurse your fear it is better to reach out for a banana or fresh apple and chew away your fear.
  • When the fear of unknown grips, you will notice breathing difficulties which will further raise you panic levels. So the best way to deal with panic attacks is to relax your body by taking deep breathes.  The deep and slow breathing will increase the oxygen supply in your blood which will help you in feeling calmer and relaxed.

If you had been asking how to deal with panic attacks without using any psychiatric medications here is the solution. Eat a diet rich in vitamins and minerals, breathe deeply and slowly and keep a grip over your emotions to deal with panic attacks.

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