Jessica Wright’s Hemorrhoid No More Review – Scam or Legit?

hemorrhoid no more scam or not?

Hi, my name is Mike and I’m 64 years old. This is me with my wife with whom I’ve been happily married for 35 years.

My hemorrhoid problem started many years ago, but I ignored it in the beginning. There was constant itching and pain but I felt embarrassed to share it with my wife.

One day when the pain was unbearable I broke the news to Sue and she was very supportive. Over the years I tried many ointments and creams. We even visited our doctor regarding this issue,it wasn’t easy, and he suggested that I need to have a surgery.

One of my friends, Jim, recommended Hemorrhoid No More to me and at first I was very skeptical about the whole thing because it seemed unreal that just by reading an ebook and following simple instructions and I could get rid of hemorrhoids.

But because Jim said it had worked for him too. I reluctantly gave it a shot and believe me, I could feel the change in me just after a week of applying Jessica Wright’s Hemorrhoid No More concepts.

So why did I make a site about Hemorrhoid No More?

I created this Hemorrhoid No More Review because I wanted to share my story about how Hemorrhoid No More Program helped me get rid of Hemorrhoids.

The natural hemorrhoid cures mentioned in Hemorrhoid No More ebook work like a charm and that’s why I’ve created this blog. I wanted to share my story and help anyone suffering from Hemorrhoids.

Hemorrhoid No More Review

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Hemorrhoids result when too much pressure is placed on the blood vessels surrounding the anus. The most common cause of this painful condition is poor bowel movements. If you strain when you have a bowel movement, you are creating extra pressure in these vessels, and causing inflammation in the area.

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Hemorrhoid No More

Your diet is the most important factor in how easy it is to pass stools. The harder your stools, the more straining you will experience in the rectal area. The extra pressure leads to small micro-fissures in the tissues surrounding the sphincter. These micro-fissures can become infected, worsening the hemorrhoids. To treat the problem naturally, you need a substance which helps close up these micro-fissures, and relieves built up pressure in the area.

Astringents do exactly this. For example, astringents are used to help close up open wounds, or tighten skin in acne-prone areas. These astringents work by shutting out bacteria from feeding on open flesh and pores. Similarly, astringents can be used on the rectal area to bring down inflammation and close out the small tears in the skin.

Does jessica wrights hemorrhoid no more scam or really work?Some essential oils have a natural astringent quality. Hemorrhoid No More is a natural topical solution which utilizes essential oils to shrink hemorrhoids. Not only do the oils cause the inflamed tissue to contract and tighten, but they also possess anti-bacterial properties (as all essential oils do). This means the solution will clean out any infections within the area as well, helping to more quickly and permanently reduce the sensitivity of the area. The ingredients used in the solution area certified organic. Cypress, MQV, lavender, geranium and hazelnut oils are used in the solution to achieve the astringency necessary to treat a hemorrhoid while also soothing the skin.

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Hemorrhoid No More Review

But although Hemorrhoid No More is based on a natural solution which effectively shrinks hemorrhoids, the solution can not completely prevent future hemorrhoids. To do that, you must change your diet. A diet high in fiber is often recommended to achieve this. However, you need the right kind of fiber. A very rough fiber such as wheat bran is likely to actually worsen the condition. The best fiber is that contained naturally in fresh fruits and vegetables. You should avoid any starchy foods, especially breads, until your hemorrhoids are cured. If you want to add starchy foods back into your diet, you should do so in moderation, always visually comparing the amount of starch versus other, high-fiber, foods on your plate. Drinking more water than you think you want will also help to soften your stools, as well as purifying the rest of your body.

Since Hemorrhoid No More is composed of essential oils, many of which can be found at health food stores, you might opt to develop your own solution. This is an option, but essential oils are highly volatile, so buying several bottles of the individual ingredients might not pay off since it is likely they will go rancid before being fully utilized. Hemorrhoid No More is already mixed to the optimal proportions, and meted out in manageable amounts. Before using the product, it is recommended that you test the solution in the soft part of your inner elbow to make sure your skin does no react negatively to it.

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hemorrhoid no more pdf review free download

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