Identify Symptoms to Stop Panic Attacks in Children

We would always go an extra mile to make the lives of our precious darlings comfortable. But we often misread the symptoms of panic attacks in our child as we feel that these young ones are too small to hold any responsibilities and can never suffer from panic attacks. Signs of panic attacks in children should be recognized early as it can not only have an effect on their school work but will also adversely impact their social networking skills. Panic attacks in children could last for just few seconds or it may prolong for couple of hours. To recognize the symptoms of panic attacks in your children and how to find an effective solution to the problem read on:

  • Signs to identify panic attacks in children

There are some easy ways to understand if your child is suffering from panic attack. If your child refuses to go to school or look for reasons to avoid going out to play at the park for long periods of time you should smell something fishy. A child in panicky state would always look stressed and depressed. Also in the recent times if you find your child to be sluggish and clinging to you more often you can understand that he is suffering from anxiety which can cause panic attacks. The most obvious signs of panic attacks in children could be excessive sweating, trembling, loss of appetite even when they are well and in some cases nightmares and bedwetting. Children also vomit or cry consistently when they experience panic attacks.

identify symptoms to stop panic attacks in children

  • What causes panic attacks in children

According the American child experts the causes of panic attacks in children could be general anxiety disorder when the child feel stressed about meeting any relatives or about attending any upcoming event. The fear of separation if you are sending them to boarding school or joining back office after maternity leave could make the child panic. Your child may even feel stressed out due to some event in school or playfield and would do everything possible to avoid going to such place again.

  • How to deal with panic attacks in children

The best way to help your child through the traumatic experience of panic attack is to provide them with your unconditional love and support. You as a parent should hug your child and try to understand the main reason which is causing them so much pain and suffering. A gentle assurance from the parents would often nurse the bruised ego of your child and will take them to a quicker path of recovery.

One can even resort to professional help and therapies to find solution to their child’s problem. One of the best therapies and the  natural way to treat panic attacks in children is to order Panic Away presentations and DVDs for your child from Joe McDonagh which will not only help in developing confidence in your child but would also help you to get rid of your own unwanted fear and anxiety. Along with the counseling, also follow the recommendation about healthy diet, sleeping habit, breathing exercises and various relaxation techniques listed in Panic Away to see dramatic improvement in your child.

It is essential for the parents to correctly read the symptoms and understand the reason behind the panic attacks in children. Quality time with your child, heart to heart conversion and natural therapy from experts like Joe Mcdonagh can help you in curing panic attacks in children.

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