How To Test For Diabetes?

Understanding how diabetes develops, being familiar with the causes and symptoms of diabetes, gives you an indication if you have contracted it. But do you know how to test for diabetes? Symptomatic indicators of the disease may only be observed at a later stage of disease progression, diagnostic tests for diabetes are enormously helpful to validate blood sugar concerns. There are a number of tests for diabetes that are readily available.

Glucose tests are the primary form of clinical procedure used by doctors to determine if there is an abnormal concentration of glucose in your blood. Irregular increases of blood sugar beyond the acceptable levels may clinically indicate diabetes in the person. Here are the following types of blood sugar screening to test for diabetes.

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Fasting Blood Glucose. The most common test for diabetes is the fasting blood sugar test. As a pre-requisite, you will be required to refrain from eating any solid food and beverage except for water for 12 – 14 hours before checking your blood glucose levels. Test results beyond the 70-100mg/dL normal range may indicate diabetes.

Random Glucose Test. In a random blood sugar test, fasting from food is not necessary while blood glucose levels are checked at different intervals within the day. If you have diabetes, you will exhibit high fluctuations of blood sugar levels compared to a fairly stable test result from those without diabetes.

Oral Glucose Tolerance Test. This form of blood sugar screening requires you to fast and later to drink a high glucose beverage while blood samples are checked at fasting at after a high glucose drink at 1 – 2 hours period. This test is frequently used to check for diabetes that occurs among pregnant women also called gestational diabetes. The normal range for oral glucose tolerance test is not more than 100mg/dL for the fasting phase, less than 180mg/dL for the first hour and 150mg/dL for the second hour after the glucose drink.

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