How To Shrink Hemorrhoids Naturally : Simple Steps

Hemorrhoids are uncomfortable and can be difficult to treat. There are many claims for fast cures, but it seems most are fly by night empty promises that do little other than briefly relieve the pain associated with them rather than eliminate them. Finding a cure that works is an important factor in enhancing the quality of life for hemorrhoids sufferers and the care of a good physician is critical to proper care. There are, however, methods to try to show you how to shrink hemorrhoids naturally and maybe you can get relief easily and inexpensively.

How To Shrink Hemorrhoids Naturally

Some hemorrhoids specialists believe an overabundance of yeast in the diet and system leads to flare ups. Eliminating yeast filled products from your diet like white flour, sugar and processed foods eliminates a high percentage of yeast and can help re-balance your body’s alkalinity levels. Increasing your fiber intake with flax seeds and other high fiber foods can help produce more bowel movements helping you eliminate yeast naturally. Proponents of eliminating yeast to shrink hemorrhoids naturally also condone drinking several glasses of water with lemon daily. The lemon water is used to return your body to an alkaline state where yeast does not grow eliminating existing hemorrhoids and preventing new one from forming.

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Another school of thought on how to shrink hemorrhoids naturally is by changing the posture in which a sufferer uses the rest room. It is believed the western way of sitting on a toilet seat impedes the proper functioning of the bowels by placing them in an unnatural position for elimination. Proponents of this method of treatment encourage sufferers to elevate their legs at least six inches from the floor when they use the toilet. Most people find a simple step stool, stack of books, or plant stand placed in front of the toilet gives them proper alignment and allows the elimination to flow more easily reducing the strain and tension of elimination, thereby reducing the occurrence of hemorrhoids.

how to cure hemorrhoids fastOthers who have thoughts on how to shrink hemorrhoids naturally claim aloe vera gel as a treatment. Aloe vera gel has a healing, moisturizing and cooling property that brings relief to the inflammation and can provide comfort naturally and inexpensively. Simply visit your local pharmacy for pure aloe gel and apply to the area with clean hands after using the toilet or any time during the day to provide cooling relief to the affected area.

While there are many trains of thought on how to shrink hemorrhoids naturally, the only thing that matters to most people is getting some relief from the discomfort, pain and burning. Try eliminating yeast from your diet, modifying elimination posture with elevation, or aloe vera gel applied directly to the area. Trying any of these treatments or combining them to create your own method of management may provide relief and prevent the flare ups recurrence. Getting relief will instantly make you a healthier, happier, more comfortable person so try one of these natural remedies and feel better fast.

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