How to naturally improve your eyesight

If you’re wearing glasses or contacts right now then know this, you can fix your eyes naturally using certain eye exercises to reshape the eye but only if you do them correctly. This article will teach you how to naturally improve your eyesight and develop better vision habits. You will learn the bad habits you may already have which are contributing to the deterioration of your eyes. You’ll also learning good vision habits to curing your eyes slowly and naturally without glasses or contacts. Have a nice read!

First step of how to naturally improve your eyesight is the bad habit that many people have and never actually realize. Only use your glasses when you actually need them, for far-sighted people use them to see further and for short-sighted folks, use them for reading or close eye contact. Its a good practice to only use your glasses when you need them at most important times, for example when crossing the road, driving, reading or when you need to look at things that are too far for you to see. The reason to do this is so that your eyes don’t adapt to the glasses and become dependent on them, instead we want to give them some natural sighting without the glasses or contacts. It is a known fact that wearing glasses too much will eventually deteriorate your eyes so make sure to get rid of this bad habit before moving on to others.

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The second most important tip on how to naturally improve your eyesight involves your daily computer usage. Are you one of those who sit in front of the computer for long hours and gets little or no sunshine? If you can relate to this then you’ve identified your second biggest problem. By sitting in front of the computer for so long will cause strain to your eyes and this will ultimately weaken your eyes.

To overcome this problem whenever you sit on the computer for long hours try to look away from the computer every now and then, preferably at long distance objects. Another point would be to blink often so that your eyes maintain the moisture in them, this will protect from dry eyes. Also remember that viewing close objects excessively (eg. a book) will create far range vision loss as your eyes adjust themselves for near point objects only. Therefore, it is important that when you’re sitting at your computer for a long time that you are continuously following these tips by looking away from the computer and far objects. Best thing to do would be to situate your pc near a window so that you can get some scenery in the process.

Then the third tip on how to naturally improve your eyesight is your diet. This is quite important yet many seem to skip this step. Make sure that your eyes are getting enough nutrients, this means eat healthy foods that will benefit your eyes. The following foods will provide you with the nutrients for your eyes: oysters, spinach, papayas, bilberry fruits, grapefruits and green tea.

Then lastly the most important tip on how to naturally improve your eyesight is to take the time out every day to do at least 20-25 minutes of eye exercises. These exercises will use your eye to its full potential; it’s almost like stretching your muscles before doing the heavy workout. The benefit of doing these eye exercises is that it will strengthen your eyes and will help cure vision problems.

Persistence is key. Doing these exercises everyday for 20-25 minutes can sound easy but many people give up because they don’t see immediate results. Usually you will see results in the first month or two. Now after reading this article on how to naturally improve your eyesight you should implement these tips and get rid of your current bad habits so that you can start seeing improvement in your eyes.

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