How To Lose Belly Fat Fast

A lot of women have problem of excess weight during pregnancy. Let’s speak about tactics of maintenance of weight during pregnancy and growing thin after the delivery.

The first and a key rule – it is not necessary to hasten and try to correct urgently a situation, to pursue records and to torture yourself with heavy hungry diets.

Especially it is not necessary to do if you feed your child. At feeding such scarce diets can lead to decrease in production of milk, up to a complete stop of lactation. There can be problems with immunity. Immunity easing will lead to diseases.

The heavy diet can cause nervous breakdown, which in the period after delivery is rather probable and without any diets. At last, alternation of rigid diets with failures and the subsequent overeating can lead to faster increase of weight.

It is known that in this stage of life of a diet with a much bigger share of probability lead to power consumption oppression, than to weight reduction. The result if it also is always appears less expected, and increase of weight after failure, as a rule, surpasses initial level.

It is better to approach to a problem in a complex, using favorable shifts in all actual directions for us – a food, impellent activity, positive mood. And, all actions planned for growing thin should not lead to decrease in quality of life at all. Even on the contrary, it is better that these actions would increase vital comfort. It will help to save a spirit on growing thin; will ensure purposefulness necessary for success and sequence.

how to lose belly fat fast ebloghealthHow To Lose Belly Fat Fast

And now I would like to give some advice about food for growing thin after the delivery.

It is better to eat not fat food with feasible restriction of sugars. It is better to eat more often and by small portions. As have shown special researches, such order of a food allows to lower caloric content of a food on 15-20 %, in which image without having lowered thus quality and saturating properties.

how to lose belly fat fast eblog healthReduction of fat content of a food is reached at the expense of replacement of fatter products with less fat analogues, share increase in a food of low-fat garnishes from grouts and macaroni, reduction of use of oils, and as at the expense of more reasonable relation to delicacies. At all it is not necessary to transform delicacies into independent food intake. It is desirable that in a diet there would be enough products rich with qualitative animal protein, calcium and iron. Milk, cottage cheese, sour-milk products, low-fat meat – veal, a fillet of a bird, fish are optimum as a basis of a food.

At growing thin it is very desirable to include a vitamin-mineral complex in a food, and, pay attention to structure of minerals.

It is necessary to eat slowly. At occurrence of signs of saturation the remained meal can be postponed for later time.

The best way to begin getting thin with gradual increase in walks, quantities of toning up exercises, to normalize dream, to connect water procedures, massage. And only then you could limit a food. Thus, you should listen to your feeling. If at observance of a diet you have a weakness, irritability, dizziness and a headache, means your restrictions in a food too rigid. It is necessary to expand a diet immediately.

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