How To Get Toned Arms & Lose Body Fat In 30 Days

Do you know how to get toned arms? If you do, then you better skip this and read more articles on this site that you’d be more interested in. If not, then you’re in luck, because we have tips that will help you achieve toned arms.

It’s interesting because many women and men for that matter want to somehow lose fat on a certain specific area of their body. For example they want to lose some pounds right around their love handles (obliques) or they want fat removed from their chin or neck area.

This is what’s known as spot reduction. I hate to break it do you guys, but spot reduction is a physiological impossibility in this world. It can’t happen.

On the other hand, you can build muscle in specific areas on the body. So for example, if you’re trying to lose some cellulite or fat that’s on your biceps or triceps, you can build muscle in that area.

Now building muscle has a two fold affect. Number one, it helps to increase the metabolic process which helps you to burn more calories no matter what you’re doing throughout the day. The second effect that building more muscle has is that it can replace the fat that was there before.

For example, your arm might be the same size as it was but the composition of your arm might be 30% less fat and 70% more muscle that was there 6 months ago. The dry weight of the arm will actually weight more because muscle actually weighs more than fat.

Th thing I try to drill into people’s heads is that it’s not about how much you weigh, or how big your waist is or how big your biceps are. Muscle sits on the chassis of your bone and skeletal structure WAY differently. That’s why a girl who’s more fit and muscular can weight 10 pounds more than an out of shape fat girl but she’ll look 10 times better as far as proportion and sexiness goes.

So if you want to shed some calories and fat on your arms, start lifting some weights girls!

How To Get Toned Arms & Lose Body Fat In 30 Days

While guys prefer their arms to be muscular and strong, most women would prefer their arms to be toned. If you want to tone your arms, the last thing you would want to do is go to the gym and start lifting heavy weights. Doing so will give you excessively muscular arms. If you just want to keep those flabby noodle arms away, especially those found in the tricep area, you’ll need a bit of precise, yet constant exercise.

This is an important concept many women forget. Don’t lift heavy weights when doing curls or any other exercise. Simply lift lighter weights but do more reps. The amount of reps I recommend is about 15 to 20 to accomplish this goal. But it should be so difficult that on your 15th or 20th rep, you should almost need some assistance from a spotter or trainer. Just because we say to lift light, doesn’t mean it should be easy.

You should be sweating blood and really straining on those last couple repetitions.

Unfortunately, not everybody has the time, nor the money to enrol in a gym, aside from going to the gym making them bigger. Additionally, some gyms offer fitness programs that may be too streneous in nature and is not recommended for people with back problems.

There is another way to tone your arms and that is to incorporate it with an activity that you already do on a regular basis, walking. Incorporate some of the tips you read here into your daily walking and pretty soon, you’ll notice how toned your arms will be with minimal effort.

Another tips is to carry more heavy things. When you’re buying groceries carry a few bags with you out to the car instead of putting all those heavy items in the shopping cart. Speaking of that, make sure to park as far away from the entrance to the store as possible. This will ensure that you get a little more walking in.

Same could be said of office buildings. Take the stairs up AND down when you arrive, go to lunch and when you leave at the end of the day. Do you realize how good for your health that is going to be each day?

Every little bit adds up guys….

Arm Circles

While walking, extend your arms sideways and form small circles with your hands. Rotate your arms forward for a minute and alterate it with rotating backwards. Make sure that you’re not walking with anyone, otherwise you might hit someone. Do this when walking in wide spaces. Though I wouldn’t recommend it when there are many people who can see. They might be wondering why someone’s waiving their arms around while walking.

On the other hand if you’re really serious about making changes to your health, who care what other people think!

Arm Swings

Make a fist with your hands, bend your elbows and match your swings with your walking pace. Keep in mind that the larger the swing, the more calories you burn.

Not only is this great for building more muscle in the biceps it also helps to burn more calories and raise metabolism.

Light Weights

You can incorporate weights into your walking program. There are wrist weights you can use for this purpose. They’re cheap and they’re heavy enough to give you workout, but not too heavy that they will end up bulking your arms.

Don’t add too much weight while you’re walking because remember, your knees, joints, ankles, ligaments and tendons need to support that weight and over time could cause arthritis or other joint issues.

Add More Weights

Because your flabs on your arms are basically a result of too much calories, then you’ll need to burn more calories. You can do so by adding more weights, though not necessarily on your arms. You can buy weight vests or weight belts that give you the “extra” bodyweight. Remember that a 200lb man burns more calories than a 150lb man walking the same distance.

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