How To Get Rid Of Piles Naturally

Piles, also known as hemorroids, are a common-and somewhat embarassing-problem that occurs for many reasons. Symptoms can range from mild itching and burning to extreme pain and bleeding with bowel movements. While surgery is an effective means of eliminating hemorroids, many people want to know how to get rid of piles naturally, to save money and avoid the possible humilation of being operated on “down there.”

How To Get Rid Of Piles Naturally

Although home remedies cannot remove the damaged veins, symptoms can be managed to reduce the number of flare ups to almost none. Simple lifestyle changes can give the tissues time to heal on their own. There are a number of easy ways to treat piles at home, and all of them provide at least some relief.

Dietary changes are your first priority when managing hemorroids. During flare ups, eat high fiber meals, bland dishes, and drink plenty of liquids. If constipation is a problem, senna is a natural laxative that will help produce softer bowel movements. Taking plain aloe juice twice a day helps soothe the digestive tract, as well, which may help reduce inflammation.

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Avoid the use of hot baths and saunas during flares, as these will increase blood flow and swelling in your nether regions. Instead, use cool water to reduce inflammation and pain, and consider trying a sitz bath a few times a day. Bleeding piles should be kept as clean as possible to reduce the risk of infection and speed healing.

Although exercise has been shown to produce more regular bowel movements, avoid activities that force you to strain to lift something. If you lift weights, learn to breathe through the lift instead of holding your breath. Avoid heavy lifting altogether if your symptoms include excessive bleeding and pain. Swimming, walking, and step exercises are fine, but if you find that sweat irritates your condition, remember to take it easy and keep yourself clean.

Herbal remedies include aloe, sweet broom tea, peppermint tea, and chamomile. Aloe may be applied topically or taken internally in juice form; sweet broom and peppermint teas are used internally. Chamomile is used as a compress to reduce swelling.

Witch hazel may be used as a compress, as well, but may cause irritation in some people. Stinging and burning are the last side effects you want when suffering from piles, so do a patch test on some scratched skin before blithely applying witch hazel to any sensitive areas.

Finally, consider the possibility that you may not have piles at all. Anal fissures can cause swelling, pain, and bleeding with bowel movements, and they require a different approach to treatment. Intestinal parasites can also cause itching and bleeding and a feeling of fullness in the lower intestine. Some forms of cancer can mimic common symptoms of hemorroids in their early stages; if your symptoms came on gradually and are accompanied by abdominal swelling, foul smelling discharge, random, shooting pains even when at rest, or tarry looking stools, see a medical professional for a proper diagnosis. If home remedies aren’t effective for you, you may need to explore other treatment options. Hope you enjoy how to get rid of piles naturally article here.

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