How To Get Rid Of Hemorrhoids Without Surgery

If you want to know how to get rid of hemorrhoids without surgery here you are going to find out. First thing you should know is that hemorrhoids is a varicose vein that affects the outer and the inner in the anus area. This disorder is very common. Some say that at least half on the earth population suffer from hemorrhoids and their age is between 30-35 years. The most frequent symptoms of this disease are itching, bleeding, secretions and swelling. On the other hand the hemorrhoids are totally asymptomatic. When this disease appears nearly 80% of cases bleeding is present and is the most ordinary symptom. Generally occurs in the appearance of a small amount of blood drops after defecation and red streaks in the stool. If the blood has a intense red color it is coming from hemorrhoid but also if the color of the blood is dark red is coming from the colon.

How To Get Rid Of Hemorrhoids Without Surgery

In spite of the trouble and inconvenience that hemorrhoids create, it is not so dangerous to your health. If the disease is in a advanced stage the complications may contain extreme bleeding and this mostly causes thrombosis and anemia. It is not absolute certain what are the causes of hemorrhoids. In many of the cases it has been noticed that hemorrhoids affects the members of the same family, and genetics are considered very important. During the defecation, constipation is causing expanded pressure to the anal area, not always cause piles, but surely it will exacerbate the condition. You have to avoid lifting big weights often because it can also cause this disease.

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And now how to get rid of hemorrhoids without surgery. First if you want to avoid hemorrhoids you must stay away from alcohol and smoking, try to have a active life and also start doing physically activity. It is a good idea to do sports like running, dancing, jogging and aerobics because this will develop your strength in the pelvic area improve your body functions at the same time. There are many tips of food that can cause hemorrhoids but as long as nutritional habits are concerned it is very significant that a healthy organism is absolutely able to handle any kind of food.

how to cure hemorrhoids fastBut on the other hand the daily use of particular food will cause a few troubles in the long run. Probably a good advice is to avoid eating sausages, chili, alcohol, spices and chocolate. A reasonable diet, rich in fiber and water helps controlling the bowel function and this removes one important risk factor. The fiber from the foods softens the stool and absorbs a big quantity of water and this facilitates the way through the anus. It is important that the diet contains many fruits, whole foods and vegetables. Prefer legumes and white meat.

In conclusion, your diet should be prosperous in zinc and A, B, E, C vitamins. Another very important thing is your hygiene. If you wash with soap and warm water helps healing and will reduce the risk of infection.

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