How To Get Rid Of Cold Sore On Lips

Get over your cold sore on lips in 3 simple steps

There are two kinds of cold sores you usually get on your face. They are cousins to each other. The one we will be discussing in this article is of the virus type, typically viewed as a cold sore. This usually is on the lips or right around the lip. It is distinguished by more of a reddish explosion on the lips.

Cold Sore On Lips – Step One

Get some zinc in your diet to help fend off the viruses, just as you would to fight a cold. Try to avoid citric acid is much as you can. Stop all foods and drinks that will set off your body’s trigger and that will feed these little demons.

Common triggers are: caffeine, alcohol, pop, artificial sweeteners, sugar, soy, grains, cereals, processed food, beans, and peas. Try to get as much broccoli and leafy green vegetables, like spinach, as possible, to fight the cold sore of lips.

At the first sign, place ice cubes in a plastic baggie or paper towel and hold this on the suspected area where you believe you’re getting a cold sore. Ice it down. Use Ibuprofen for pain. Avoid long hot showers or baths that open the pores and open a gateway for the virus to punch a hole to the skin.

If you’re at work or someplace where you cannot hold a cold bag on your lip fill a glass with just ice and pretend that you are drinking while you’re just holding the ice and the glass on the suspected area. If you have one of the medications prescribed by your doctor, or several new generic ones, start taking them at this time. You can also start taking lysine but I found it best not to take both at the same time. They seem to counteract each other. ( You should also read Cold sore free forever PDF review to learn how to get rid of cold sores for life)

You should also, at this stage, be drinking a lot of water with lemon or lime in it. When in the beginning phases: though the area may itch, do not rub or scratch! That would only help the virus to burst through. Oddly, dairy products seem to help. Especially, if you’re drinking milk and it comes in contact with the sore.

how to get rid of cold sore on lips

Get over your cold sore on lips in 3 simple steps

Cold Sore On Lips – Step Two

When the blister has started to form on your lip. Most people will tell you to never pop it. They’ll keep getting bigger and bigger until you pop it in your sleep, or at the wrong time. Then you can infect another person or other parts of your body unknowingly while you’re sleeping.

I myself find it best to pop the blister in a controlled environment under my terms when I’m by myself in the bathroom. I prefer to pop the blister in the bathroom using a Q-tip, not my hands. After it’s popped, I throw the Q-tip in the trash.

I find it best to not keep the area moist but very dry. If I put anything on it, I put on acne medicine that has a drying formula in it. This seems to help clear it up and get it over with fast. I also put on clear 100% aloe vera gel making sure to dry off any extra. This helps in the healing process. At this stage it is also okay to ice it down.

Cold Sore On Lips – Step Three

In the last stage, when it is just a sore. To heal it, you can use some products that seem to help speed up healing. Many of the over-the-counter products work. The only caution I give here is that some of them might heal the area faster but leave a reddish area behind. I find it best just to use 100% aloe vera gel. It’s the same stuff you’d use on sunburns.

Today’s research has shown that people with cold sores have a higher tendency to develop dementia or Alzheimer’s disease later in life. You also have a higher rate of having diabetes later in life as well.

Modern medicine is confused by the link between the two but to me it seems quite easy to understand. You have these little monsters marching around in your body, causing damage wherever they can. That’s why it’s important to find the triggers that cause an outbreak and try to control and limit the outbreaks.

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