Top 10 Super Easy Ways How to Fall Asleep Fast

How to Fall Asleep Fast

We all know why you came on to this site, you are feeling tired but you JUST CAN’T fall asleep. Well.. Have no fear, we SHALL give you a VARIETY of useful tips on how to fall asleep fast. Enough of the small talk, here is the list of top 10 easy ways on how to fall asleep quickly!

  • Listen to some audio/video program where there is a speaker teaching you stuff. The monotonous voice will make you fall asleep (works really well for me).
  • Take a hot bath ninety minutes before you go to bed. You will start to feel sleepy when your body temperature is dropping.
  • top 10 super easy ways how to fall asleep fast ebloghealthKeep your bedroom as dark as possible. Remove all light, even the light from the clock can be enough to keep your body awake.
  • Place your thumbs in your ears so you are blocking the entrance of the ear canal. You will hear a high pitched rushing sound. I want you to concentrate on this sound. Do this for five minutes and turn to your side and try to sleep.
  • Exercise for a half hour each day. Avoid exercising 4 hours before sleeping time. The physical tiredness helps you sleep deeper.
  • Avoid watching horror, action movies before sleep. It will make you think on stressfull events.
  • If you are old enough then have sex! It’s one of those activities that once completed require recovery so a good night sleep is the best solution. Men are usually the ones who feel really tired after this, so if you are a man, try it.
  • Avoid coffee or coca-cola before falling asleep.
  • Do not eat sweets. All that sugar gives you energy that keeps you awake.
  • Try to meditate. When a thought enters your mind just acknowledge it and then let it go. Do not try to fight the thoughts, just accept them and then let them leave. Not only does it make you sleep well, it will have a great effect on your life when you are awake also.

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top 10 super easy ways how to fall asleep fast


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