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I used to be a SEVERE Herpes sufferer… it probably is a common story but I caught Herpes from a unloyal partner and I deeply regret it even though it wasn’t my fault. I always get made fun of when I get outbreaks and cold sores. The simple fact is the most people around is, including who those seem to be the “loyal” family doctors lead us to believe that there is no cure for herpes and that we have to live with this curse forever. But you know what?  There was no way I was going to let that discourage me to uncovering a cure for herpes and getting rid of this stupid disease forever. I digged online, searched through books.. visited countless of doctors, tried every single herpes treatment out there and nothing had worked until I came across the “Ultimate Herpes Protocol” website – I quickly read a few reviews online and noticed that this system has a VERY high success rate with amazing reviews.

I could have never imagine in a million years that a website would make such dramatic change on my life.. After suffering from Herpes countless of years, this solution was the ONLY thing that actually worked. I had tried everything, creams, expensive surgeries and ointments. NOTHING had worked to permanently cure my genital herpes except this method. It’s been around 8 months since I have used this method.. and as hard to believe as it is, I haven’t had a outbreak since then and my blood test came negative and my doctor assured me that my herpes was gone for GOOD . I was pleasantly shocked. I no longer felt fatigue and tired and has to suffer from this curse. No more outbreaks and the embarrassment that came from them, I felt much better both physically and mentally knowing that I had left that life behind me.

I don’t know how to describe the pain.. that I had whilst suffering from Herpes.. I felt so sick, tired and lifeless – I had no joy… but I couldn’t be more thankful that things are back to normal now and I honestly couldn’t wish for a better life. The natural methods outlined by Emily Sheela make a lot of sense and has not ONLY helped me cure herpes but also improve the general health and quality of my life.

Melanie Addington The Ultimate Herpes Protocol Review - Does it work?

I made the above video so I can help other sufferers like myself, it would mean the world to me if I could help just one person cure their herpes, and I really hope that is YOU.

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How do you get rid of herpes? Scientists are hard at work on a cure for herpes, but there is inadequate funding for the research. They are continually discovering new immune cells and pathways that offer hope for new anti-viral medications, and even a possible vaccine someday. However, that day may be a long time away.

What can you do to take matters into your own hands if you are unable to get relief from the slew of anti-viral medications on the market? While there is no conclusive scientific proof for alternative cures, or alternative approaches for that matter, you have to work with a doctor to come up with an alternative plan that you think will work, based on anecdotal reports or evidence. The anti-viral medications might not offer for some people who want a tougher approach.

Let’s look at some alternative ways to manage your herpes discomfort and symptoms.

You should always practice good hygiene. That means keeping your body clean, washing your hands as much as you can, and trying to avoid touching the sores.

You should also take salt baths. This can ease the pain, and clean, dry, and mitigate the pain of the blisters and the sores. Just add in a few tablespoons of salt to a shallow bath.

You can cool down the affected area too. If you put ice on the infected area directly, or dry the area with a blow dryer on the cool setting, that might net you some relief.

You should also put on some loose-fitting clothing. Loose clothing will reduce the discomfort you get. It can also help heal the area.

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Treatment with antiviral drugs

Treatment with anti-viral medications can help individuals who get extremely annoyed by genital herpes, and it can help them keep away symptoms for longer periods of time. These drugs can also cut down on the duration and severity of the symptoms when they flare up.

Drug therapy isn’t any kind of cure, but it might make contending with the condition a lot easier. The three most common drugs to treat genital herpes are valacyclovir, famciclovir, and acyclovir. The three phases of treatment are divided into initial treatment, intermittent treatment, and suppressive treatment.

Herbs, supplements, and more offer complementary and alternative treatment approaches.

Nutritional supplements and herbal extracts offer a lot of hope, and they could provide a kind of secondary line of defense against herpes outbreaks when anti-viral medications aren’t enough. There are a lot of claims from herpes’ sufferers that they do, in fact, work. Echinacea can boost the immune system, and have an indirect effect.

An ointment with propolis, applied in a topical way, has also been shown to help. There is also an edible mushroom called the gypsy mushroom that has some chemicals in it that can fight the herpes virus. There are a number of plants and herbs that can help. Why not try a few as soon as you can?

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What about the website, “Ultimate Herpes Protocol”?

There is a website called Ultimate Herpes Protocol that offers an informational publication that aims to provide all the details on how to get rid of herpes on your own, in a natural way.

You might be sick of the idea of living with HSV 2 for the rest of your life, have not had success with alternative methods, or don’t like the idea of giving up sex for long periods of your life. This is a cheap informational book that you can download instantly online. It just costs $37 too.

If you could get access to a whole treasure trove of information for getting rid of herpes with a simple click of a button, wouldn’t you do it? Isn’t your health worth that much? If you’re a little nervous about spending the money on it, just know that there is a full guaranteed refund if you don’t like the product.

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