Herpes Vaccination – Herpes Vaccine For Simplex Virus 2 and Type 1

Statistics shows that more and more people in United States alone are suffering from herpes every year. There are even more than 200 Americans who had been reportedly diagnosed with this illness every day. For you to be aware of how to control this problem, you need to learn first what is herpes, basically it is a common viral infection which comes in different form depending upon the part of the body which is under attack.

There is the oral herpes and the genital herpes. There are two virus which includes the Herpes Simplex Type 1 (HSV-1) and the Herpes Simplex Type 2 (HSV-2). One could not see how the virus looks like on bare eyes; it is only seen on microscope.

When the virus tries to attack the body, immune responses which are the natural defense against sickness would try to fight back. As it tries to struggle against the menace, the defense systems will weakens which make the body even more susceptible to the attack of other viruses. Thanks to science, nowadays there is a vaccine which will bring shield to the body against herpes. It was developed on the year 1796 by someone named as Dr. Edward Jenner who is residing in England.

He was able to discover the cure because of his effort to defend a child against smallpox through the process of inoculating cowpox virus. This revolutionary act had paved the way to better understand how the human immune system works which eventually lead to the development of other vaccines like polio, tetanus, and measles.

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You might probably heard about herpes vaccine, and you are trying to settle your mind if you will avail of it or not. Be reminded however that although they are now available, there is still no known fact that it works and none of them had been accepted to be administered in United States.

Cure Herpes NaturallyOne assumed herpes vaccine is the Skinner Vaccine which was named after its discoverer, GR Skinner of UK. It had been tested and retested for as long as 15 years. On present days, it is obtainable for $ 150 in England. A little data shows that there is a small scale that it can really combat the problem; however, the vaccine should still be studied further.

Moreover, there is also the Bulgarian Vaccine which was administered for about 20,000 people in Bulgaria and had shown a decent amount of therapeutic effect. Out of the total number of people who tried the vaccine, 1,500 of them showed a decrease of the recovery period, condensed number of experiencing the problem again and lower peril for visual injury.

With this, no one can really point out if these two herpes vaccine would do well for the body. Science had yet to prove it through further studies and investigations. And so, it is always the wisest move not to indulge you to any of these vaccines because the risk is also yet to be established. Prevention is still the best option.

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