Herbal sleep aids

So you want to get some sleep but nothing helps and you don’t want to take expensive pills that you can get from the pharmacy. What is your solution, is there any hope for your kind? Yes, the answer is affirmative, you can use nature’s own herbal sleep aids to enjoy the luxury of sleep. These products won’t only help you fall asleep quickly but will also prevent you from waking up undesirably early assuring a plentiful sleep. Before we begin I want to be clear that these sleep aids are not some magical solutions that are sure to make you doze off. A lot of patients have had great results from these “herbal sleep plants” but the effects have not been medically proven (a lot of it has had to do with the research not being robust enough to make bulletproof claims). So with the disclaimer out of the way, let’s get started exploring the herbal aids..

Valerian herbal sleep aidsValerian is a secret weapon that has been used since ancient times to fight insomnia and nervousness. It is the most popular herb for sleeplessness and it is the natural source of Valium. It is recommended to take it regularly for two or more weeks to have the biggest effect (although since there has been relatively few empirical studies, it is not clear what dose is the most effective or how long one should take a particular dose). Valerian should not be taken while being pregnant, breast-feeding or driving. It also increases the sedative effect of other depressants, such as alcohol and diazepam (Valium).

As you can see, the plant does not only help you to have a good rest but it will also help you around the opposite sex when feeling nervous – just make sure you don’t take too much or otherwise the constant yawning might leave a wrong impression 🙂

chamomile roman flower herbal sleep aidsChamomile is also a traditional sleep remedy and has been used throughout ages. It is sold in form of tea, extract and topical ointment. It has a mild soothing effect which aids your sack time. Chamomile does not lead to dependency and it has not been shown to have any side effects. It may increase the effects of other sleep aids (or herbal aids) and should be used with caution when combined with other drug therapies.

If there happens to grow some chamomile around your house then you are in luck. If not, just go to the local supermarket or tea shop. It’s surely a lot cheaper and attainable solution that most sleeping aids out there. Also, who doesn’t like a good warm tea before dozing off while watching some movie or youtube.

passion flower herbal sleep aidsPassion flower was used by Aztecs for centuries for its calming, tiredness inducing effect. It’s a very safe and secure herb that can be used also against stress and tension. It relaxes the mind and body to give rise to restful dreams. Passion flower can be taken as a tea, capsules or tincture.

The plant has a very interesting and beautiful looks to it. If you want to live like an ancient Aztec and take your tea drinking skills to the max then this is your solution. Heck, if it makes you feel better, you can even dress like and Aztec while enjoying your drink, I do.. ahem.. would 🙂

So that’s it guys and gals, the 3 most common herbs that will make you more relaxed around people and at the same time help you enjoy your nights behind the sheets a lot more 🙂 Get it, it was a joke.. no? When I am made to choose between pills and herbal aids then I am sure to select herbal aids every day.

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