Hemorrhoids Home Treatment – Why Is It So Popular?

Hemorrhoids Home Treatment – The Real Scoop

Hemorrhoids are a major concern for thousands of people. It is a common, yet significant, problem that can have life altering symptoms. Unfortunately, hemorrhoid sufferers are often left to treat themselves in silence and isolation by opting for some form of hemorrhoids home treatment regimen. Why? The answer to this question will become apparent once you gain a better understanding of what hemorrhoids are and how they can affect the lives of those who suffer with them.

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So, what are hemorrhoids? Basically, a hemorrhoid is a blood vessel. More specifically, a blood vessel that has become inflamed or swollen as a result of experiencing high pressure such as that generated during episodes of constipation or pregnancy. Often, when hemorrhoids become swollen and inflamed they are referred to as piles. These piles can cause problems that can interfere with a person’s daily life.

There are two basic types of hemorrhoids, internal and external. The internal ones are not seen as they are located inside the anal canal whereas the external ones can be seen with the naked eye. Furthermore, there are three primary hemorrhoid symptoms that can cause suffering–pain, itching, and bleeding. The type of hemorrhoid a person has (i.e. internal or external) will play a major role as to the degree of each of these three main symptoms.

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The internal hemorrhoids tend to not be very painful at all due to lack of sensory mechanisms within the anal canal. External hemorrhoids on the other hand tend to exhibit much more pain. Regarding itching, the internal hemorrhoids are generally the most responsible for any symptoms of itching. This is due in large part to the fact that internal hemorrhoids cause an excessive secretion of mucus out of the anus. The excess mucus then becomes an irritant to the surrounding tissue in and around the opening of the anus. The bleeding that often accompanies sufferers of this pathology is present with both types.

Many Reasons for Hemorrhoids Home Treatment Options

Armed with a basic understanding of the nature of hemorrhoids and the symptoms created by them, it should now be easier to understand why a person afflicted with piles might be very interested in hemorrhoids home treatment of some type.

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best hemorrhoids home treatment ebloghealthWhen a person has a problem with such a private and personal part of their body it can be very difficult to seek professional help. Many people are shy about doctors examining them in such a private way even when they are relatively healthy, let alone when they are afflicted with some sort of pathology. Furthermore, many people find it difficult to allow a doctor to take an intimate look into the problem because they feel embarrassed by the fact they even have the problem. They may feel ashamed regardless of whether or not it was their fault that they contracted the piles.It is human nature to want to look good to other people. Yet, having a doctor perform a medical exam of one’s own pathological issues in and around the anus is not consistent with that fundamental desire to want to look good to others.

Why Choose a Hemorrhoids Home Treatment Option?

  • Privacy
  • Relatively Low Cost
  • Less Painful
  • Less Invasive

And more…

With this in mind, it should come as no surprise that hemorrhoids home treatment and piles home remedies have been, and will continue to be, a very popular option for a good number of folks. Treating ones own issues does remove much of the anxiety, embarrassment, and shame that may accompany a visit to the local doctor.

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