How To Get Six Pack Abs

The concept of fitness and health is often associated with having a flat stomach and well defined abs. If you are one of those people who have wondered how you can a six pack, you will need to remember two things. You have to build your muscles, but also lose some weight. This may sound rather simple but putting it into action and keeping it up can be quite challenging for most people. This article will help you get started in getting the perfect physique.

How To Get Six Pack Abs – Lose Excess Weight

how to get six pack abs 2How To Get Six Pack Abs

Before you even think about doing rigorous exercises that can help you build your abdominal muscles, you must first reach a healthy weight and body fat composition. You can lose weight by following these simple methods:

Eat breakfast and eat smaller servings during dinner. This may be a very simple tip but it can definitely help in losing excess weight. Ideally, your breakfast must be the largest meal of the day, then lunch comes second and dinner the smallest. This concept is based on the fact that you will be able to burn the food you ate during breakfast and use it as energy throughout the day, thus you will have lesser stored fat. However, you must eat smaller servings during dinner since the food will not be burned as effectively.

Keep a healthy metabolism. Eating one small meal every three hours will help speed up your metabolism. This may not be your common concept on how to abs but doing so will keep your metabolism burning calories thus helping you lose weight. However, your food intake must include lean protein so that your body won’t break down your muscles for fuel which will result to the shrinking of your abs.

How To Get Six Pack Abs – Build Your Muscle

how to get six pack absHow To Get Six Pack Abs

Building your abdominal muscle is vital since your abdominal muscles are the core of your body, and developing it will make your center strong. Below are simple exercise routines you can perform in order the perfect abs:

Do crunches and sit ups. Lie on the ground with your arms in front of your chest then bend your knees. Lift your upper torso towards your bended knees using only your abdominal muscles. Do not lift your entire back off the ground. You can also do sit-ups where you sit all the way up thus lifting your lower back off the floor along with your shoulder blades while wedging your feet under something heavy.

Remember to train your oblique muscles. Oblique muscles are the muscles at the either side of your stomach. One of the many ways to do this is by twisting your torso against a certain resistance. For instance, there are twisting machines found at gyms, or you can twist while doing sit ups. You can also do bicycle crunches where you lift your feet off the floor while doing crunches, alternating each leg in the air.

These are very simple tips and concepts on achieving a great six pack. The most important point you need to remember is to focus on gaining the right percentage of body fat and then you can start building your muscles.

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