Foods For Muscle Building

It is a fact that you cannot simply build your muscle without hitting the gym or doing exercises. However, going to the gym and performing rigorous exercise will not provide you with a completely healthy and fit body if you do not properly fuel your body with the right food. You will however be able to properly tone your body, simply by eating the right foods for muscle building.

There is no such thing as one particular food (or food group), that can provide you with bigger and stronger muscles, but protein is the one nutrient that can definitely help you build muscles and tone your body. If you want to get the abs and biceps you want, you need to follow a good protein diet since this nutrient plays a major role in muscle building and development. The amount of protein intake required daily may depend on your calorie intake and the level of activities you perform. For this reason, it is advisable for you to check with your dietitian or physician to know exactly how much protein your body needs to have strong and healthy muscles.

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Foods For Muscle Building – Top 4 Foods For Muscle Building

1) Eggs

This food is easily available and it contains about 6g of protein per ounce. Most of the protein found within the egg is in the egg white itself. Eggs can help build muscles since it supports the body’s need for protein. Aside from protein, eggs also contain other vitamins and minerals that can keep you healthy. Among the vitamins it contains are vitamin B6, B12, D, and E, iron, zinc, and many more.

2) Almonds

This is one of the best sources of alpha-tocopherol vitamin E which is best absorbed by the body. This vitamin is a powerful antioxidant that can help prevent any free-radical damage after your rigorous workout. The best way to help your muscles recover from a workout is to eat two handfuls of almonds a day. Since almonds have vitamin E, you will also have a lower risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease in the future.

3) Fish

Another great source of protein is from fish. Fish should be a part of your regular diet since it doesn’t contain any carbohydrates and it has less saturated fat. Salmon is one of the best kinds of fish that must be a part of your diet since it is high in omega-3 fatty acids and have about 6g of protein per ounce. The omega-3 can decrease the muscle-protein breakdown after a rigorous workout thus it can help improve muscle recovery. This is beneficial since it helps your body store new protein faster thus it helps build muscles. Eating fish, especially salmon, will also help reduce your risk of developing diabetes or heart disease.

4) Yoghurt

Another one of the best foods for muscle building is yogurt. Yogurt has a perfect combination of protein and carbohydrates that helps in muscle recovery and growth. Even yogurt with fruits will provide the right amount of carbohydrates which will help boost your blood levels of insulin which is perfect for decreasing protein breakdown after a workout session. It is also a good source of linoleic acid which can help reduce body fat.

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