Eyes Health Tips – 3 Tips to Keep Eyes Healthy

Eyes Health Tips

Your eyes are one of the most important organs in the body. Maintaining eye health should be a top priority. However, it is really “easy” to harm our eyes. You see, according to a recent poll, working all day on the computer reduces blinking of the eyes by 25% and hence causes eye dryness. So, for all people who want to keep their eyes healthy, they really need to do everything they can to prevent eye injury is imperative.

Eyes Health Tips – Keep Eyes Clean

It is a necessity to clean the skin around your eyes regularly to ensure that any dirty particles do not find their way onto the eyeball to cause irritation or infection.

Use cotton wool to gently wipe the area around your eye to clean it, and then follow this by splashing some cold water onto your face. For even better results, you can use a cold compress or face mask, which you should leave on your eyes for around 8 minutes to reduce swelling and sooth the eyes.

Eyes Health Tips – Reduce Eye Strain

When we strain our eyes, it can leave the muscles fatigued, just like working any other muscle. Over time, these muscles can become permanently weakened, and this can lead to conditions such as short sightedness and blurry vision.

You can prevent this by minimising the strain on your eyes. When using a computer screen, be sure to take regular breaks to give your eyes a chance to recover and to become used to focusing on more distant objects again. When reading, always make sure the room is well lit, to illuminate the words.

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Eyes Health Tips – Feed Your Eyes

The eyes are made from very soft, easily-damaged materials and they are constantly attacked by dust, dirt, and other airborne particles.

Thankfully, they are well designed to be able to repair this damage – provided they are supplied with the proper nutrients to do so. Certain foods have been shown to aid your eyes in repairing themselves, including green vegetables, apricots, and blueberries. So, in order to feed our eyes, we need to have some these foods everyday.

The eyes are your window to the world. So, we should keep the window stays clean all the time.

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