Diabetic Diet Options

Diabetic Diet

While there is no such thing as diabetic diet, a healthy diet can definitely help prevent and even reverse diabetes. Diets are often associated with stringent eating habits and bland food choices. However, it can be simple as choosing the right kinds of food to eat and knowing the wisdom behind such choices. Understanding how certain foods affects glucose response is necessary if you want to keep your blood sugar level within normal limits.

Reduce sugar intake. Since diabetes is a disorder in the body’s ability to use blood sugar effectively, you don’t want to keep under utilized blood glucose accumulating in your system. This entails reducing your intake of high glycemic foods that can cause a rapid increase of blood sugar in your bloodstream. Eating sugary foods such as sweets, pastries, white bread, rice, soft drinks and powdered juices must be substantially reduced if not totally eliminated. This also means cutting back on the amount of sugar in recipes or substituting it with natural alternatives like stevia.

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Eat high fiber foods. Slow-release carbs are foods that have high fiber content that are digested much longer providing more sustained energy resulting to steady blood sugar levels. These include oatmeal, whole wheat or whole grain bread, brown rice and green leafy vegetables. Fiber-rich foods do not only help regulate blood sugar levels it can also lower the risk of developing cardiovascular disease often associated with diabetes.

Reserve your Diabetes todayEat healthy fats. Incorporating healthy fats into your diet can be a very effective strategy in curbing sugar cravings. Good plant and fish sources of healthy fats are nuts and seeds like cashew nuts, pine nuts, peanuts, flaxseed, as well as avocado, olive oil, tuna and salmon. Cooking with olive oil instead of butter or eating fish two to three times a week are some options you can take to increase your consumption of healthy fats.

Making these important diet considerations will not only help you slow down the progression of diabetes but may altogether reverse the disorder when complemented with other lifestyle changes. By transforming your eating habits you are on your way to gaining control of the disease.

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