Cure STD Herpes Infection Fast?

Is there a working cure for STD herpes infection that works fast and easy? It is important to remember that STD is not the end of your love life

Being infected with an herpes STD doesn’t mean that your life is over. It doesn’t mean that you have to be celibate for the rest of your life. It only means that you have to live with the consequences of your disease and take necessary precautions. You no longer are responsible only to yourself but also to your partner.

Herpes is one such STD since it has no cure yet and will therefore stay for a lifetime. People with herpes have to constantly deal with the fact that they might transfer the disease to their partners, relatives and friends (oral herpes).

Herpes in many cases do not have symptoms and so people are unaware that they have the disease. However, even if there are no symptoms, the disease can still be transferred to unsuspecting individuals.

Cure STD Herpes Infection Fast?

STDs are the reason why families, schools, and other institutions promote abstinence and safe sex. Abstinence is the fool proof way of preventing being infected with STD. people in love can have relationships but abstain from sexual intercourse until marriage so that they can be committed to one sexual partner only – therefore significantly lessening the chance of contacting STDs, unless one partner is unfaithful.

Safe sex practices such as using condoms also help prevent the transfer of sexually transmitted disease, however, it is not a hundred percent accurate. There are cases when condoms break or are inefficient. Read more on a way to cure herpes here!

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If you have an STD such as herpes where you will have to live with it for as long as you live, you can still date and enjoy a healthy relationship. The first step is always acknowledging the truth and telling your partner that you have the disease. Then together you can figure out how to handle the disease together.

Herpes requires consistent medication. People with herpes often take antiviral medication and engage in episodic treatment or suppressive treatment to prevent attacks or lessening the pain when the attacks do occur. Some people make the mistake of thinking that in the dormant period in between attacks they cannot infect other people. Even if the disease is not active, there is still a chance it can be transferred.

Perhaps the best way to go about it when you are a person with herpes or dating one is to practice safe sex. Or perhaps consider other alternatives such as oral sex or other forms of sexual intercourse. It is also important to remember that sex is not the main element in a relationship – genuine affection and love is. STD or not, people are capable of still loving another human being and being concerned about the general well being of their partner. Perhaps it is also a good idea that they consult a therapist or doctor to help in managing the disease and their relationship.

Preparation is always good, too. If you have a partner with herpes, you must be prepared if ever you contact the disease. Granted that your partner has informed you of his health, you are an informed partner and you know the risk you are taking with having a sexual relationship with a person infected with STD. It is up to you if you can deal with that.


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